One of sweetest tracks of the summer is about to drop tomorrow the 27th, but for your listening pleasure we bring you this sneak peak into the mind of master musician Jahyanï King.  This is one track that we are expecting to be a killer in the Dancehall scene. The track, ‘Dweet So’ is be released under the French label, Scorpio Music. You heard it here first party people… Check out Jahyanï King ‘Dweet So’ – Full Support from us at Raver Mag. 


[Exclusive Premiere] Jahyanï King ‘Dweet So’


The background that set the foundation… 


Guyanese-born, French-basedJahyanai x Bamby are one of the most exciting tag teams in the overlap between dancehall and urban pop. Switching between French, English and patois in their infectious tracks, they are amassing a huge fanbase across the world.

Jahyanai King is a writer, composer, singer and pianist, while Bamby sings and writes her lyrics. The duo met at School in Guyana, connecting through a shared love of music immediately. Jahyanai was listening to reggaeton, dancehall, ragga, reggae, while Bamby had a big passion for R&B divas. Shabba Ranks, MC Solaar, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and 2pac are among their key influences.


Jahyanai began recording music in 2005, writing in across a multitude of musical genres and penning lyrics on important themes like peace and rebellion. Bamby heard his early demos and, liking what she heard, spurred him on with encouragement. She moved to France to study but kept in contact with her musical soulmate.

Meanwhile, Jahyanai’s career began to take off, with his music getting into the hands of important industry figures. He built his status up to the point where he was opening shows for the likes of Wyclef Jean, Luciano, Jag Cure, Third World and Beres Hammond, exposing him to huge new audiences. In 2012 he won Song Of The Year and Revelation Of The Year at the 2012 Hit Lokal Awards and in 2013 he picked two Lindors awards in Guyana. He set up his own label, and it didn’t take any persuading for Bamby to sign to it once she began to record and perform her own material.


They first collaborated on the acclaimed Real Wifey, with the single picking up major radio and TV support in France, Guyana and other countries and racking up 6 million YouTube plays to date. Run Di Placeproved another smash, and now latest single Who Mad Again has been blowing up the charts, airwaves and clubs all over again. Their amazing, organic, long-running chemistry and boundless talent combined with their knack for creating memorable videos has enabled them to amass over 26 million plays on YouTube to date.

This mesmeric pairing is only just getting started. See them perform live and you’ll see their full capabilities. With such a successful start over their first three singles, there’s a massively bright future ahead for Jahyanai and Bamby. The world better look out!

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