Bringing Eastern culture to the states, NYC-based producer embraces his upbringing with an unfettered approach. Born Ken Herman, Exitpost is a creator for those concerned with the symptoms of mysticism. “Two Dreamers” is the latest release from Exitpost signed to Zoom Lens featuring the distinct vocals of singer/songwriter Unmo. Between atmospheric synths and shimmering transitions, Exitpost breathes life into the dreams he saw as a child.

“Exitpost experienced recurring dreams throughout childhood where he’d wake up in Tokyo panicked, unable to return back to New York. Upon recent visits to Japan, he began experiencing the reverse – recurring dreams where he’d wake up in New York, unable to return to Japan”

With a calming resonance, “Two dreamers” stands at the apex of indie-electronic, but boasts characteristics that extend far beyond the music itself. Illustrator Lee Arkapaw does a fantastic job hand-drawing the very dreams that compose the fabric of this single. Listen and watch below: