With their debut artist album ‘Faceless’ dropping over the weekend on YouTube giant NCS – known to over 28 million worldwide as No Copyright Sounds – German duo Unknown Brain have smashed through the genre boundaries with a 15-track stunner that straddles Future House, Future Bass, Trap and Pop.

The pair – who count monthly Spotify listener stats of over 2.5 million – have managed to remain an anonymous enigma in a time when artists care more about the brand and the visual than the music. With ‘Faceless’, Unknown Brain stretch themselves without diluting the sound, resulting in a body of work that will only cement their growing status as one of the most original young acts to break through during 2020.

With the album firmly in our ears, Raver Mag tracked down the elusive twosome to their studio somewhere in the deepest, darkest depths of Germany to find out more…

Let’s get to know German band Unknown Brain a bit better! Where are you from? 

We’re from Germany. We can’t give much more information about this but we’re mostly spending out time near Munich and Cologne.

What do we call you and where did the name come from? 

Our name is ‘Unknown Brain’. The name comes from our unknown identity and the ‘Brain’ we can only get access to when working together. We both are independently able to make music but only together we’re able to reach the magic, defined as the ‘Brain’ in our name.

What’s your sound? 

Defining our sound without writing a whole novel about it is really hard. You can clearly hear that we try combining new, ungeneric quality sounds with pop toplines.

What’s your latest release?

The latest release is our debut album ‘Faceless’. We’re more than proud of it. We’ve spent the last 2 years working on the concept, creating songs, choose the best ones and make everything sound ‘perfect’. We’ve put in so much love and passion into every single track that’s on the album and we hope that it’s making 2020 a tiny bit better for the listener, that’s our goal at least.

Why won’t you show us your faces?

‘Music doesn’t need a face.’

What does producing as a duo allow you to do that you couldn’t do as solo producers?

Producing as a duo opens so many new doors. Creativity can be brought to a whole new level and improving with sharing things one newly learned is easier. As well as that, on every song that we’re releasing both of us have to agree 100% to like it. If that’s not the case the song simply doesn’t make it to get released. This is bringing the output to an even higher level. Additionally, we both complement one another in a really great way.

Have you ever made your own solo music that’s been released?

Yes, we were doing so before! That’s what brought us two together.

Why are vocals so important in your music? 

A vocal can make or break a good production, but a good production doesn’t have to make or break a good vocal. We do our best to find the best and unique singers and songwriters for our music, so each song has something unique to relate to! We understand our fans are from different places in the world, but the one thing that can connect us all is great music, especially music with great lyrics.

What’s your dream event to play at? 

Playing at ‘Tomorrowland’ Mainstage probably is one of the highest achievements a DJ can reach. It’d be more than amazing to play there one day…

What producer would you most like to collaborate with?

Picking one producer is almost impossible for us. There are so many talented people out there but if we had to choose one it’d be probably ‘Stephen’. His music inspired us so much and the fact that he is doing everything on his own is purely mindblowing.

What famous track would you most like to have made?

‘The Middle’ by Zedd, Marren Morris & Grey inspired us in many ways, a true masterpiece and seeing that this song found such great acceptance in the mainstream brings us joy.

What track would you most like to remix? 

We love producing originals over remixes, so we don’t have any song that we’d like to remix in mind right now.

What can we find you doing on a weekend? 

On a weekend, like on any other day in the week you’re most likely to find us locked in the studio doing music. Alternatively we enjoy hanging out with friends as well.

What piece of advice would you give your younger selves, knowing what you know now? 

Dreams are achievable. You don’t have to worry about it as long as you are passionate enough. Work hard and you will get there, no need to worry about it every day.


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