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Lady Driver, starring Grace Van Dien and Sean Patrick Flanery, is a high-adrenaline sports drama, which is available on Netflix.

It was directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino (Roped), and it stars Grace Van Dien in the lead role as Ellie Lansing, a rebellious teenager who embarks on a solo journey to connect with her roots, however, she is immersed in the dirt racing world.

From the very start, it is evident that this precocious female protagonist, who just earned her driver’s license on her 16th birthday, is “born to be wild,” to quote the classic Steppenwolf song title.

Emmy winner Sean Patrick Flanery (The Bay) portrays her uncle, Tim Lansing, who mentors Ellie in the dirt racing scene. “You look good out there, really good,” he tells her, boosting her confidence, and he also offers her such insightful advice as follows: when you find the edge, it is essential for one to creep up the edge.

Christina Moore plays Ellie’s mother, Jessie Lansing Dickson, who is a revelation in the movie; moreover, the film does a solid job underscoring such values as perseverance, hard work, dedication, and family.

The Verdict

In summation, Lady Driver is an exhilarating dirt racing movie, so the viewers ought to buckle up. Grace Van Dien and Sean Patrick Flanery deliver bold and brave acting performances. Captivating screenplay, direction, and cinematography as well. This film is recommended for all sports fans, especially those of dirt racing, and it has an empowering message for young and aspiring female race car drivers. Lady Driver garners four out of five stars.

For more information on Lady Driver, check out the Netflix website.

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