Industrial Darkwave Festival FLESH & STEEL Announces Single-Day Lineup

    The New York music scene is full of amazing artists and immersive venues, representing any possible taste in a genre that one can have. Pushing the progressive sound of industrial and darker house is the event and promotion organization Restless Presents, which has teamed up with SYNTHICIDE and Saint Vitus. This partnership is bringing talent from NYC’s underground EBM (electronic body music) community to their FLESH & STEEL festival next month.

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    Taking place from December 1-3, FLESH & STEEL has just revealed their incredible day-to-day lineup, featuring a variety of unique artists. On Friday, December 3rd, BOY HARSHER will headline the event at the acclaimed Knockdown Center. The duo will be supported by Belgian EBM veterans A SPLIT-SECOND, an infectious SOFT CRASH performance, and more. On Saturday, the final night, FLESH & STEEL will start out at The Meadows and head over to the Gold Room for some late-night mesmerizing sets. These shows will encompass synth-pop legend RIKI, synth-punk duo ORTROTASCE, and techno-creative NORMAL BIAS, to name a few.

    Sharing his thoughts on the upcoming project, Restless’ Brian Tarney says, “there is a bounty of that rare synergy of community and culture between Restless Presents, Saint Vitus, and SYNTHICIDE whose visions align on opposite coasts.” As a whole, FLESH & STEEL reflects these innovators’ forward-thinking mentality and promising plans for the future of EDM.

    Check out the full FLESH & STEEL 2022 lineup below:

    Flesh & Steel

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