In the absence of touring and live shows due to the COVID era, indie electronic and multi-talented artist duo Forester have been keeping themselves extremely busy. Already with several successful releases under their belt this year, the highly-promising pairing returns with their new single “Undercover” out now via Palm Tree Records

“We wrote ‘Undercover’ during a difficult time, not only personally but also as a community. It’s an expression of the complicated feelings that we can often harbor during such times. I try to hide it on the surface, but under the smile is heartache. Not everyone wears their emotions so it’s important to be kind and supportive whenever you can. 

Sometimes people attend parties and social events to escape an emotional reality. At least we have. So we tried to recognize this by making a dance track that also addresses and validates what people may be feeling on a deeper level in these spaces. Elements of the track including the baseline and synth work were definitely inspired by the earlier days of disco, to which we owe credit for modern dance music.” – Forester

At its core, “Undercover” is a mutation of modern indie, pop, and electronic music, ornamented with small but potent production flourishes indicative of a set of artists fully in control of their creative output. That said, Forester consistently manages to gracefully ride the fine line between maintaining their style while at the same time breaking new ground. 

Formed in 2019, Forester is a relatively new indie electronic duo to the scene but has already seen a lasting impact on their music. The LA-based group is comprised of Xander Carlson and David Parris, both of whom write, produce and sing. Their music blends acoustic instrumentation with electronic elements that create a state of warmth for the listener. In May 2020, they landed a major label deal with Palm Tree Records, a Sony Music joint venture co-founded by Kygo. With millions of streams already under their belt and an ethos that calls for an eyes-closed escape, Forester’s future is looking brighter than ever.