Hailing from France, indie-electronic duo Saavan creates quaint music for gallant people. Having performed alongside fellow Parisian legend Petit Biscuit, Saavan’s sound can certainly be likened to the young pioneer, yet they maintain the ability to create their own distinguished soundscapes unique to their own inspiration. The second and final look into their forthcoming OBSERVATORY EP, “Young Minds” is a silky smooth blend of mellow electronic production and honeyed vocal content. An ebb and flow of subtle synth work washes over the track, creating a listening experience that is both ethereal and familiar. A blossoming triumph, ripe with intellect, Saavaan makes 2019 their own with only 1 month left to go. Listen to this dreamy tune today and expect the full unveiling of OBSERVATORY November 27.

“This track was written during a time of riots in France. From our perspective, we had the feeling that something was changing, that it could be the beginning of a bigger movement. Then the football cup started, and the war was suddenly over. This song stands from both perspectives, the ruled and the rulers, to evoke an observation that is more sociological than political.” –Saavan