From Australia to the Main Stage a close look at Dance Music Producers Peking Duk

 Exclusive Interview

by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

Australian Duo Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles known as Peking Duk stem from the inner suburbs of northern Canberra. From the releases of ‘Passion’ a bootleg remix released in May of 2012,  to topping charts on ARIA in 2014, to playing on Main Stages all over the world including TomorrowWorld, this duo has shown the world that they are here to stay. With so much talent coming from Australia these days, we wanted to see what all the hype was about with Peeking Duk. Kristine Kennedy and I witnessed them live as they performed to a sold out crowd in NYC. Shortly following their set we had a change to interview them, here’s download on what they shared up with us.

Raver Mag. 
More and more Australian producers are rocking the electronic world these days. What is the journey like for Peking Duk to reach the level of success that you are currently experiencing?
A: Every day is exciting for us. We don’t take ourselves seriously, we just love creating music and being able to share it with people. It’s all a wild ride and we’re loving every minute of it!
Raver Mag.  
Flashback: 2012 -with the release of Passion Pit your bootleg remix that caught fire all over the world. How did it all come together in the creation of the bootleg and what was the feeling like when you saw the attention it got in the world?
R: We honestly just were so excited for Passion Pit to have a comeback that we remixed the song to play out in clubs. We realised it was getting love so we put it up on Soundcloud for our friends and fans to also have a copy of. It spiralled out of control fairly quickly which was amazing to see.. When it got to the top of the hype machine charts we realised how exciting it was, especially for the release of our next original single.
Raver Mag. 
Top 3 producers of all time that have inspired you both to become musicians?
Kanye West
The Neptunes
Rick Rubin
Raver Mag. 
We saw you play on the MainStage at TomorrowWorld. Unfortunately, the weather turned everything into a mess. What was it like to perform at TomorrowWorld and what are your thoughts on how it all worked out for the festival? Are you anxious for it to make its way back to the USA?
R: TomorrowWorld was one of the funnest festivals in the world. The way all the flags were raised in the crowd throughout the festival made it exhilarating. We realised very quickly it stayed true to the TomorrowLand brand, simply a festival that unified people from across all different countries to enjoy some loud, bangin music together. I didn’t realize it skipped 2016 but bloody good for it to come back!
Raver Mag. 
We are big fans of LO’99 here are Raver Mag and we saw that you just dropped a Remix of ‘Fake Magic’ which we are getting addicted to; our question is, how do you both work together on Remixes and producing new music? Does one take the lead and the other follow or do you both work on it together and collaborate on ideas?
A: LO’99 is our brother. He reached out as we were thinking he would be perfect to flip that song so it was most definitely fate. He murdered it. Everything he does he murders.
Raver Mag. 
Whats next for Peking Duk and when are you coming back to tour the USA?
R: AHH We just finished our 2nd tour of the USA for this year so far.. Who knows though, perhaps it’s not too late for one more! Either way I am certain we’ll do another Jan/Feb USA tour, we haven’t skipped those months once. Winter is when the party really happens right?
Raver Mag.  
Bonus Question: Whats your favorite Australian beer and are you able to get it on the rider when you tour in the US?
A: VB is a classic shitty aussie beer that is fun and easy to slam down. It is near impossible to get in the states but maybe one of these days we’ll start a beer smuggle company. X   ]]>