Steeped in an intellectual mantra, Galdive’s “Nescience” is a museum of musical genius. Based in Indonesia, this alternative-electro twosome continues expanding on their lush repertoire with their latest single. A spectrum of various energies, tones, emotions, and musical approaches, “Nescience” is an honest manifesto concerned with soured relationships. Having already racked up a cool 10 million combined streams on their singles “Cloud” and “5 AM,” “Nescience” is the perfect follow-up to their previously celebrated releases. Branded in conjunction with high fashion and expressionist paintings, Galdive’s latest is a pastel parallel to their visual inspiration. A lullaby shaded with philosophy, “Nescience” is Galdive’s most fluid and approachable release to date.

“It’s a story of complicated relationships – the line “Help me to help you out” describes people caught up in the sadness of their own world yearning to be understood, but not knowing how to communicate it. They’re not able to see that withdrawing and not talking about what’s getting them down sometimes then impacts the people in their lives.” -Galdive