Two artists on the rise with a penchant for all things human nature, Galvanic and DLJ join forces to drop their open-hearted single “Dead Man.” Following the well-received releases of “The End” and “666,” the tandem’s latest delivery is an oceanic listen with an ebb and flow of lo-fi production and smoky, melancholic lyricism. As both artists combine their respective musical talents, a single outline of art comes to fruition with painfully authentic lyricism and minimalist production. The track phases in and out of narcotic melodies that leave space for Galvanic’s gloomy, romantic vocal-instrument to breathe life into its mantra.

“To me, ‘Dead Man’ is a track that reflects the irrational insecurities and pessimism so many of us feel, but don’t express. These feelings and worries are oftentimes overcome, but I still think they’re important to capture.” – Galvanic

An all-encompassing note to the dark side of the human experience, Galvanic and DLJ are fearless, vulnerable, and genius on “Dead Man.”

I love how the production fits so well with Galvanic’s sorrowful vocals, we both wanted to express deep and personal feelings in this track, I am very happy of how we were able to bring these darker feelings and emotions to light.” – DLJ