Tell us about your new single ‘Amsterdam’…

This song was released as part of a project we started in 2021, “World Travelling Dance Track Series.”  We produced the song based on our interpretation of Amsterdam’s image. There is not only the song but also a music video filming the streets of Amsterdam, so please make sure to check that out too!


‘Amsterdam’ is the fourth single from a series you have produced that are all inspired by cities around the world – Tokyo, New York City, Jakarta and now Amsterdam. What inspired you the most from each city?

It’s a difficult question to answer, but we would have to say Tokyo for its “chaotic society.” New York City for its “inner power of the people.” Jakarta for its “potential for the future and unique culture.” Amsterdam for its “diverse society.” As we said, it’s very difficult to describe what exactly inspired us from each city, but we think the “atmosphere” that flows through the city has a big influence.


How easy (or hard) was it for you to capture the spirit of a city like Amsterdam?

The same can be said for any city, but there is no one actual thing about the spirit of a city, and people may receive the spirit in different ways. In that matter, we may have struggled with the process of simply understanding what impressions we received. Once that was sorted out, it wasn’t that difficult to express it for our music production.


Have you been to Amsterdam before?

Of course, we have been there many times. Especially in October, ADE will take place, so our memories of this time of year are always about what we were doing in Amsterdam.



Tell us about Japan:

What is your favourite Japanese place?

Shrines, perhaps. We both have different tastes, but nature and shrines, where the gods are believed to dwell, are places we both love.


What is your favourite Japanese food?

Sushi. We can eat sushi anywhere in the world, but they are not what we think of as sushi. What we like is sushi that Japanese artisans make.


Who is your favourite Japanese musician?

That’s a tough question, we both have different tastes, but we guess we like all the artists that were active in the J-Pop scene in the late 80s to 90s.



What is your favourite thing about being Japanese?

We don’t know, we’ve never been of any other race, but we guess it’s the fact that we can watch anime and manga without any language barriers.


Do you find Western culture very different to Japanese and Asian culture? What is the biggest difference, and what things are the same?

Isn’t it the aesthetic sense?

In the case of Japan, we think that there is a standard for judging aesthetic sense that includes not only everything that can be seen but also the parts that can be felt mentally.


If we were visiting Japan, what one thing would you tell us to do that would show us most what it’s like to be Japanese?

It is good to go to a public bath. It is a style of bathing that is slightly different from an onsen. We think the manners here and how you behave in the bath will give you a deeper understanding of what it is like to be Japanese.



We are big fans of the Japanese game show ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ – are all Japanese game shows like this?

This was the style of many Japanese TV programs more than 20 years ago. Nowadays, you won’t find this style of TV show at all. It’s disappointing because we enjoy it too, but we don’t see a similar style of a show being created in the future.


Will you be at the Amsterdam Dance Event this year?

It is difficult for us to travel from Japan to the Netherlands, so we cannot participate in this event for two years in a row. It is very disappointing, but we are looking forward to participating next year.



What city do you think you’ll produce a song about next and why?

We’re actually working hard on deciding on a city right now. We have a few candidate cities, but they are a secret. Please look forward to the actual release.


What city would you most like to perform in, and why?

At the moment, it would be Amsterdam. It is because we released a song about Amsterdam. The city we want to perform changes depending on the music we’re working on at the time and the release. I would like to enjoy the music while feeling the atmosphere of the city.


Now that the world is getting back to normal, what are your plans for touring? Will we be able to see you perform here in America soon?

We would love to respond to that soon, but there are many more restrictions that you might think for people travelling from Japan. Therefore, we can’t make any plans yet, but when the restrictions are gone, we would like to tour many countries, including America. When we have a tour in America, please help us out!




AmPm are a masked production duo from Japan who made a major global impact with their March 2017 debut track, ‘Best Part of Us feat. Michael Kaneko’. The same year, they were the only Japanese artist to perform at Spotify On Stage, a festival in Indonesia hosted by Spotify. In 2018, they dominated stages around the world, from Ultra Miami to shows in Korea and Japan, and even a headline concert in New York. In addition to releasing their own original music, AmPm have remixed tracks by popular overseas artists such as Afrojack, R3HAB and Nicky Romero, along with remixes for renowned Japanese artists like Gesu no Kiwami Otome (‘Black Parade’) and MONKEY MAJIK (‘Tokyo Lights’), and production for Ken Hirai’s track ‘Holic’. Collaborating with a plethora of dance-music vocalists, they have released more than 30 tracks to date. In March 2019, they were recognized at the Digital Contents of the Year 2018 / 24th AMD Award, winning the Special Jury Award. In June 2019, they produced V6’s ‘All For You’. Today AmPm are one of Japan’s most in-demand music production exports, with fans among artists and music lovers alike.




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