Having been a huge mainstay on Monstercat with releases like ‘Rupture’, ‘Fragments’, ‘Killing Time’ and ‘The Covenant’, UK bass producer Droptek’s name has been increasingly on our radar over the past decade. Earlier this year he dropped his album ‘Symbiosis’ on Dutch imprint Korsakov. Now he caps off the year with ‘New Style’ his debut single on British label NCS, the YouTube juggernaut that revolutionised the way music was released to the creative industry. We caught up with him in London to find out what he’s been up to and what’s next…


Droptek! Welcome to Raver Mag man, really nice to have you speaking with us today. What’s your background?

Hey thanks for having me. I’ve been producing as Droptek for the last 7 years or so. Most known for my releases on Monstercat and more recently new dutch label Korsakov.

You have a big cut coming out on British label NCS later this month, ‘New Style’. What’s new about it compared to your previous productions?

So ‘New Style’ is a bit of an oddball track because it draws from many genres of bass music. There’s a bit of trap, drumstep, dubstep and drum and bass in there somewhere so it’s kind of its own beast. Ironically, it’s a bit of a throwback to my old style which I then merged with my production techniques from today.

How do you get down in the studio, what’s your creative process like?

So I usually do sound design sessions and experimenting in isolation. When it comes to writing a track I try to not spend too long engineering or focusing on one sound for too long. This way I can focus on the music as a whole track and let creativity be the focus. Nothing kills inspiration like tweaking a kick drum for 2 hours for me.

You’ve been releasing on Monstercat since 2012, why the change to NCS? Will you still be releasing on Monstercat in the future?

It’s not so much a change. Both labels support releasing on other labels as neither seem to sign exclusively. Ultimately it’s just different networks with different communities and they’re both great labels. I haven’t got anything lined up with Monstercat right now maybe in the future though.

You’re from Bristol in the UK which has a huge history of bass music. How heavily did your hometown influence the direction your music production took?

Yeah I lived in Bristol for 5 years. I’ve been in London for the last year and a half. Bristol’s an amazing city for nightlife I think I prefer it to London as everything’s more condensed and there’s a lot more of a sense of community in Bristol’s nightlife. Attending clubs such as Motion and Lakota was definitely an influence for me moving from the dubstep world to DnB.

Who are your heroes musically and why?

Obviously from a production point of view the usuals like Noisia and Pendulum/Knife Party really influenced my production style I don’t think there’s many producers who haven’t been influenced by those guys. Musically I really do enjoy a lot of different producers from lots of genres. Bonobo, G Jones, Eskmo, The Prodigy to name a few.

Going from the well known to the unknown – who should we be checking out? Put someone on our radar!

There’s a lot of great new talent out there but producers like Vorso and Buunshin are doing some really exciting things.

What’s next for you?

It’s been a crazy year for me so I’m taking a much needed break and time to reflect. Looking at what worked, what didn’t and where I can improve. I’m back in that exciting space where I can take the time to experiment and make new sounds ready for next year’s releases.

Finally, where do you want to be in 5 years’ time?

I remember answering a similar question 10 years ago saying I would want my own recording studio. I have achieved that in a way and that’s where I’m happiest so I guess I just hope I can continue to do what I love, making music.

Thanks for chatting to us man, appreciate your time! Anything you want to say to your US fans, feel free here…

No problem thanks for listening, I guess just check out the new music and I hope you enjoy it!



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