“The Struggle for World Sanity!” by Wajid Hassan roared onto the Amazon bestseller list, and rightfully so – because it is a book to rave about and then some taking on everything from why UFOs have been here for 18 million years, and global warming to women taking over leadership roles, and the future of the Earth. Given the times we live in this book is a thoughtful, hope filled read, and we were thrilled that Wajid agreed to have a chat so we could learn more about him and his work.

Your book is definitely one of our books to rave about especially during the pandemic where people are often looking to find some hope and peace of mind. Yet you wrote this before the pandemic hit, can you tell us what inspired you to write it or did you have a sense that the world was heading for a time where this kind of book would be needed. 

We have reached a stage in our evolution where this is the beginning of the end of mankind as we know it. No longer will we be allowed to continue on our path of destruction as we have done in the past. Its time for us to change for the better or we will be forced to leave Earth to start our evolutionary cycle upon another younger world in our solar system. Hence the urgency for writing my book.

In your rather epic book, you talk about having an experience with a UFO, which is an unusual yet exciting situation. Can you tell us a bit about what that was like? 

The Cosmic Masters who man UFO’s have been visiting us for the last 18 million years watching over us as we incarnated following the atomic destruction of our home planet Maldek which is now the asteroid belt orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. These are the beings that I had a contact with which I outline in my book. It was profound and very spiritual and gave to me the sense that we are being helped to raise ourselves up from our problems by these great beings of light.

You are also a very talented actor, and a gifted comedian, how do you balance these aspects of your life with your work as a writer and a healer? Or do they all just flow together? 

I believe you got out of life what you put into it. I try to incorporate what I do with an enthusiastic approach but also one of which I can be of service to others which I try to do with acting writing and healing.

One of the aspects of your book that I personally really love is that you talk about women taking more of a leadership role in the future. How do you see this unfolding? 

Women will be the compassionate custodians and leaders of Earth in the near future as they will be given more protection and spiritual power to do this as the evolutionary cycle of mankind is being speeded up.

Mother Nature is going through a lot of changes these days, and in your book, you talk about what this really means in the evolution of humanity. Can you talk about this a bit? 

After the destruction of Maldek, Lemuria and Atlantis the ionosphere was greatly intensified to cut off man from higher inspiration but also cut off essential cosmic rays coming to the planet.  As the Goddess Earth has now been told to raise Her vibrations this ionosphere is now being gradually taken down which is increasing the ultra violet rays the MAJOR cause for global warming and not the pollution emissions which are just a small aspect of it. There is nothing that we can do about this. The weather and seasons are beginning to change to suit the Planet. We can all help in this change by also raising up our vibrations to help each other and the world. 

 You told me that there is a real Wakanda in Africa can you elaborate on this? 

Actually it’s not called Wakanda but a retreat of the Ascended Masters of Earth located under Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. They use advanced scientific equipment which are millions of years more advanced than ours to monitor activities occurring around the planet. They are also known as the “Protectors of Mankind” keeping an essential karmic balance for us.

I understand that you have a national radio guest spot coming up?                              

Yes it’s on “Into the Paranormal “with host Jeremy Scott airing on Sun Nov 22nd 5pm PST 8pm EST

When you are at home or at work what music do you have playing to keep your mojo going?

Anything 70’s and 80’s having grown up in that era. I also enjoy relaxing mediation and inspirational music sitars, flutes etc.

The “The Struggle for World Sanity!” is now available on Amazon.