Going Deep with Author J.L. Caban about his Breakout Novel

J.L. Caban is an author you really want to keep your eyes on, because he is destined to hit the bestseller list with his breakout book “Moving On.” Caban is an extremely gifted writer, who creates compelling, dynamic characters, and a story you will absolutely love. But be warned you may just find yourself readying this book long after you planned on heading to bed.  Since its release “Moving On” has created a rave worthy stir in the literary world, and one thing is clear this book should definitely be on your winter reading list. Recently Caban sat down with us so we could find out more about this talented author, his work, and what is coming next.

JL Caban You wrote “Moving On” over 20 years ago, and just released it. What inspired you to write this rather epic book, and then decide to release it now?

When I wrote Moving On, I was about 18 years old and I had this passion for writing. I wanted to be the next great American novelist and truly believed that it was a dream that I could make come true. Life kind of got in the way, plans changed and twenty eight years went by; so, it wasn’t until I was literally emptying out my drawers of old college papers and other things that I spotted it and decided to resurrect it.

When you did the final read-through for “Moving On” what was your favorite part of the book?

For me, the best part is the very beginning because Justin, the protagonist, sets the tone right away. You’re going to either love him or hate him right out of the gate. He has this sort of tendency to tell you exactly what’s on his mind – no filter – which can be a very unpopular thing for some people. He’s sort of the polar opposite of myself (I’m a lot more reserved and somewhat passive).

While going through the editing process for “Moving On” did you learn anything new about yourself?

I suppose the thing I learned most about myself was that I had the determination to finish what I started so very long ago. Once upon a time, I set out to accomplish a dream and I finally made it happen.

If you could somehow go back in time and talk with your younger self, what would you tell him?

I’d tell him to slow down and take a moment – many moments – to stop and appreciate things around him. Life has this kind of confounded tendency to whisk on by; so, he should definitely drop whatever he’s doing to smell some flowers.

Are you working on another book? Can you tell us a bit about it?

I’m actually working on two books right now. The first book, called “The Christiansons & Selena,” sort of pulls characters (all of whom are related – with the exception of Selena) from “Moving On” and shares and explores their own different moments in time while also delivering different moral and spiritual messages. Each chapter is its own book and there are four chapters; so, essentially, it’s four books in one novel. The second book, “Memoir of a Broken Hearted Gentleman,” will be a short novel written in the first person (like Moving On), which sort of shares the story of a cynical young man who has a lot of emotional baggage and is struggling with social conformity and other things.

When you relaxing or getting into the writing zone what kind of music are you listening to, and why? 

Well, if I’m working on something new, I like to listen to either classical music (such as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and such) or classic jazz – like Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Count Bassie, Benny Goodman and the like. Now, if I’m editing or re-reading, my ultimate go-to music is anything by Elif, a DJ and music producer from Istanbul, Turkey who creates this really deep and soothing melodic sound that honestly puts me in a great place for looking over my work or gathering my thoughts in between; I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to just sip a glass of scotch and kind of just chill out.

“Moving On” is available on Amazon.