Goldroom is Golden

By Sophia Roca-Joseph

Feature Photo Copyright Jasmine Safaeian

From Massachusetts to California, this electronic musician has been shining since his debut in 2011. The lovely Josh Legg produces, writes and performs all of his own music. Whether you are on the beach, at a bar or in your backyard, Goldroom’s music is bound to make you want to let loose and dance. With over seven albums and EP’s this artist doesn’t plan on going anywhere. In June of this year he recently released his EP ‘Plunge’ and let me tell you… it’s hard to press the pause button. So turn up your speakers and get ready to be blown away by this extremely talented artist, I promise you won’t regret it. 

Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

Wow, such a good question. Yes, but it mostly has to do with having everything I need for the set. So if I’m Dj’ing that really just means… do I have my headphones, do I have my music and do I have water etc. When it comes to playing with my band we have so many pre-show rituals like thirty minutes before we are playing my singer and I are doing a specific set of vocal warm-ups and we always have a shot of Jameson before we go on stage. There are just so many that we have but when I am Djing I really just like it to be free, putting my USB stick in and just letting it fly.

What’s one quote you live by? 

I have no idea who said it but the entire concept of “it’s the journey not the destination” is something I hugely live by. On a day to day basis and in the bigger picture. The older I get the more I realize that accomplishing a goal never feels like you are accomplishing a goal because there is always another one and I think you always end up looking back at the time when you thought you were struggling and that ends up being the time that you remember so fondly. I have just tried more and more to live in the moment and knowing that the journey Is the important thing and not the destination are very important words to live by for me. 

What is your favorite thing to see in a crowd while you are performing? 

Smiles! People singing along as well because that is the easiest way for me to see that. I would much rather have someone have their back turned to me while dancing than facing me and not moving at all. I just want people to have fun and I want to see people making friends with each other. The point of me being a Dj is to throw a party so I want everyone to be moving and having a good time. 

What is one thing that has kept you motivated to be where you are now? 

That’s a great question, I mean realistically I just feel really lucky and blessed to be able to make music every day for a living. I just want that to last as long as it can, I hope I can wake up every day and write songs for the rest of my life. For ten years of my life I never showed anyone my music, I just thought there was no point or that I wasn’t good enough. I never expected that I would get inspiration from people liking my music. When I get to hear that my music is meaningful to them, helping them through a hard time or even meeting their significant other at one of my shows it’s all hugely inspirational for me. 

Copyright Sophia Roca-Joseph

Do you draw inspiration from other artists music and or sets? 

I for sure do but I also have always felt like I wanted to be really different than everybody else. I am not a good Dj in that sense that I am not always going to play the song that everyone wants to hear next. For Goldroom I decided that I was always going to do me, if that meant turning some people off then that’ okay. If I can find at least five people in the audience that really love what I do or am doing then that’s enough for me.  I get very insecure about it sometimes, because if I was Josh I would Dj way differently but as Goldroom I feel as though I owe it o the project to be different in my own way. 

What’s your favorite show you have ever played? 

That is such a hard question. It’s hard for me to say that our Coachella set wasn’t the most meaningful set for me just because that was a place I have wanted to play for so long. The show went so well. As for as location I have performed at multiple Corona Sunset festivals in central and South America, those were really fun. I played at a beach festival in Chile and the setting was perfect, the sunset was there and we had the whole band there, it was a really special moment. Anytime I can play with my band on the beach is something really special, that’s why I make music is for those moments.

Be sure to catch Goldroom at one of the upcoming tour dates!

Goldroom Tour Dates:
Aug 04 – San Diego, CA @ Adventure Hornblower (High Seas Tour)
Aug 17 – Denver, CO @ Club Vinyl
Aug 18 – Vancouver, BC @ M.V. Abitibi (High Seas Tour)
Aug 24 – New York, NY @ Hornblower Infinity (High Seas Festival East)
Aug 31 – Chicago, IL @ Anita Dee II (High Seas Tour)

Copyright Sophia Roca-Joseph