Halloween Mix Series Meets RL Grime

Halloween V

by Charlotte Vosbeck

Halloween is right around the corner and that means some big things in the EDM world. Insomniac Events’ Escape held in Southern California, Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, and Suwannee Hulaween in Florida are some of the notable festivals held around Halloween every year. There are endless possibilities of music related Halloween costumes, whether you dress up as your favorite DJ or a zombie rave princess. The month of October also means something great for the music world, the infamous Halloween mixes by RL Grime. https://soundcloud.com/rlgrime RL Grime, a Los Angeles based producer, has been putting out incredible mixes in honor of Halloween every year since 2012. Each year the hype surrounding the release of a new mix grows larger. The mixes are a genius mixture of trap music, hip-hop, mixed with all kinds of spooky drops and sounds. It is the perfect mix to put on for your annual Halloween mixer. RL Grime actually collaborated with famous horror fiction writer RL Stine, who helped design a cover for the mix and also lending some spooky voiceovers in the 2013 Halloween mix. Last year was the fifth release in the series, ‘Halloween V’, that included an introduction by Pharrell Williams.   People all over social media have been highly anticipating the release of the sixth edition of the Halloween Mix series. RL Grime has tweeted about fans emailing him scary songs while he works on Halloween 6. We can expect the mix to be released closer to the end of the month, and it will be nothing short of greatness. ]]>