Exclusive Interview with HALO Full Photo ReCap inside the Gallery Section of Raver Mag.

Photo and Interview by Nhan Tran

With EDM artists and producers emerging more and more on the scene, we recently caught up with the extremely talented and beautiful producer, DJ, and vocalist, Halo who reigns from The OC in California.

Raver Mag: Tell us what Halo the artist is all about?

Halo: So my whole idea is to be the light and spread the light and share my musical talent and inspire others to love one another help people find that happy place. So that reflects on the name.

Raver Mag: So that’s basically how you came up with the name?

Halo: Yeah, someone actually recommended to have a halo part of my stage and part of my name….it just clicked and made sense to me for me to take it on.

Raver Mag: What got you started into music?

Halo: Since the age of 7 I learned to play piano, playing recitals, listening to soundtracks and translating that on the piano from there it evolved. I have a terrible memory and couldn’t remember what I played so then I started producing and the programs stored what I played. I always loved singing too so I tied it all in together with the producing. Then eventually DJ-ing was a way for me to express my musical endeavors live.

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