Henry Strange Taps Kittrix and Acafool for Hot New Single”B!tch I’m So LA”

    Throughout the years, renowned audio engineer, producer, and DJ, Henry Strange, has remained just below the radar. Working with renowned artists on multiple large-scale projects, Henry has gained recognition from his peers in the music technology and music production communities alike. Best known as the inventor of the Setlist playback system/Ableton plugin, Henry just independently released his new single and music video “B!tch I’m So LA.” A collaboration with vocalist Kittrix and rapper Acafool, the electro funk anthem is a tribute to the “strange” city and culture of Los Angeles. Inspired by classics such as “California Love,” the song carries a west coast meets New Orleans funk vibe. 

    “B!tch I’m So LA” captivates its listeners with its bouncy beat composed of modular synthesizers, show-stopping trumpet solos, and groovy keys from talented instrumentalist and collaborator Ben Hovey. The intricate and catchy beat is topped off with collaborator Divinci’s talkbox vocals that deliver a classic funk sound. Altogether, these elements make the song a genre Henry has personally referred to as “futuristic old school.”

    The accompanying comical and visually innovative animated music video dynamically brings the lyrics to life. The video cleverly and humorously illustrates what it truly means to be an Angeleno. Through its protagonists, an animated Henry Strange and Kittrix, the music video provides viewers with an inside look at the many sides of Los Angeles culture. From the red carpet to the paparazzi to the traffic on the 405 freeway, the fun music video showcases the true essence of Los Angeles. The music video powerfully delivers upon the track’s lyrics, showcasing Los Angeles in all its glory, from its vibrant fashion choices to its glamorous rooftop pool parties. As Kittrix and Henry show their viewers around the city in the music video, they hypnotize viewers into their alluring world. Altogether, “B!tch I’m So LA” is an all-original LA anthem guaranteed to stand the test of time. Meanwhile, the accompanying viral-worthy music video truly brings the track to life.

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