Hook N Sling Dominates the decks at Electric Zoo Festival 2017 [Exclusive] Interview with Raver Mag.

Interview by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

Transcribed by Stephanie Piedrahita

Anthony Maniscalco, better known by his stage name Hook N Sling, is an Australian multiplatinum ARIA-nominated record producer, songwriter and DJ residing in Los Angeles, California. Raver Mag. had an opportunity to catch up with Anthony at Electric Zoo Festival 2017. This is what he shared up with us.

Very talented producers like yourself, Flume and MarLo have come out from Australia. What’s the dance music vibe and scene like?

Festivals are such a big thing in Australia in the summer, it’s actually a real culture. Australians love being outdoors. I feel like growing up in a certain area and listening to some of my favorite artists from Australia…I don’t know, you get exposed to it early on. Know that I think of it, it’s probably no different than anywhere else but I suppose also I personally feel like I have to prove myself. Australians would be like “Oh, we’re not part of the scene. We’re on an islands miles away, fucking fourteen hours away” and now I’m even further away here in New York. So, I feel like we need to make a little more noise. One of my big and early motivations was to get my music out there and get heard. When you’re farther away, you fight a little bit harder.


Walk me through a day in your life. How were the last 24 hours like for you?

Well in the last 24 hours, I was on a plane from Los Angeles into Austin, Texas to play a show then came to New York. These last 24 hours are not my typical 24 hours since it was back to back performances.  I was really nervous to play my records today, I was concerned about whether people were going to like it. A lot of artists don’t really admit it but I genuinely care to a point. I want it to sound good, I want people to like it. I put it in a lot of hours just preparing for my set in Austin and also working on a new remix. I was really working on that remix so I could play it the next time but it didn’t happen. It sucked but I put it aside and decided to work on other edits. Finished by set at 1AM, I was in a car by 4AM out of the airport and to my hotel room to work. In general, I’m getting to a point where I feel comfortable with my music and traveling. That’s like 1 in 20 or 30 days in the year for me. All the weekend shows I have are less stressful too. Let’s say one night I’m playing in Dallas and the next in San Fran, it’s more spaced out. Although, I was in Asia just last week for this one show. I was there for two nights, Aussies love Bali. It felt like I had gone back home to Australia, a lot of Aussies came out!


You have a new track out, what was the inspiration and process behind ‘Arms Around Me’?

I didn’t write the vocals to be honest with you, it was Digital Farm Animals who I collaborated it.  Hearing the vocals, I just put my own twist on it. It was around the time I was working on ‘Love On Me’, sent it to Galantis and there’s where it all took off. ‘Arms Around Me’ was kind of the same process except this came about as more of a collaboration. So, I suppose I wanted to give it a feel good, festival vibe.

I was checking out your social media, you have an awesome dog. Do they let you travel with your pet?

No, I wish. I should really try to get him some service dog papers. Well, if I did get him certified as a service dog, I wouldn’t take it for weekend trips like this. Unless, it’s shows in California…I just throw him back of the car and drive down to San Diego. [Would you get him a Hook N Sling t-shirt?] Actually, if you look back far enough on my social media, there’s a picture of him wearing my friend’s Ana Lunoe’s t-shirt. She was dog sitting him for a weekend, was dressing him up in all her merch and sent it to me. It was hilarious, definitely got to do that again.

What’s next for you?

I just did a remix for Halsey for her new single ‘Mad In Love’. Then, the next few months there will be some more originals. I’ve been working on a whole lot of stuff over the last 6 months but they will be out by the end of the year.