Imagine Festival 2017: Kickin’ It Backstage with Fransis Derelle


RM: What inspired you to start a musical career?

Fransis Derelle: It all pretty much started when I was in band through junior high. I started band pretty early, like seventh or eighth grade. Then from there, I quit band and didn’t really do music after that. But after high school, I started producing music as a hobby, just for fun. And it kind of lead to the career that I have right now.

RM: What are your preferred tools for production?

FD: iMac, iPod headphones, and Ableton. Nothing too crazy. 

RM: iPod headphones?

FD: Oh yeah.

RM: You feel like that gives you a good quality of sound versus expensive headphones? 

FD: Yeah. I’ve never had an issue listening to music through these headphones, so I don’t see why to overcomplicate things.  You learn about your equipment as you use it. That’s what I stick to!

RM: I feel like a lot of people listen to their music on those headphones anyways. So if it sounds good there to you, it’ll sound fantastic to them.

FD: I’ve mixed and mashed with them my whole career. 

RM: And it works beautifully for you. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

FD: Yes. I agree. I agree.

RM: Everyone has their “dream gig”, a “dream” festival or venue to perform at. Do you have something like that?

FD: I think it would cool to throw a rave at Disneyland or Six Flags. It would be cool so that you could hear the music on the rides and just hearing the DJ while their mixing on a high platform in the ride. Something like Space Mountain…that would be sick!

RM: What projects are you working on? Do you have any collaborations coming out?

FD: I have an EP coming out on Circus Records in the next month or two. I have a bunch of dope artists on there. I have a collaboration with XG. I got vocals from Kevin Flum and Michael Caesar so I’m very excited. 

RM: Speaking of exciting things, you were a Discovery Project winner. How was that like and what do you think differentiated you from your competition?

FD: I think that the song that I made…I put my heart into that song. I skipped work where I called in for three days just so that I could finish it. I was skipping work, I was broke, but I was like this song has to be like…”the one”. I think that putting my heart into that song helped it win. 

RM: I guess hard work really pays off and that recognition is truly deserved. 

FD: Yeah and it was really random because I entered and didn’t expect anything. It was kind of a secret. Then they called me and told me I won and I was like, “What?” 

RM: I’ve heard you’re a huge Naruto fan. If you were a shinobi, what village would you be from and what kind of ninjutsu would you have?

FD: I would probably be Hidden Leaf or…uhh… Honestly, can I just be Sasuke? I mean, he’s such a boss and even with one arm he’s still killing it. And he’s got the sharingan and it’s just amazing. Yeah, so I would be everything that Sasuke is.

RM: Just dark and mysterious?

FD: Yeah, just so… I mean Naruto is cool and all, but he’s like the happy version and I’d rather be like the dark and mysterious ninja. I would just be everything Sasuke.

Check out his latest track below! We had a great time sitting down with Fransis Derelle, keep an eye out for the rest of our Imagine Festival post coverage. ]]>