Inside the Music with CID

Exclusive Interview Electric Zoo 2017

by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

His name is Carlos Cid, but everyone in the electronic music world knows him best by CID, a DJ and producer extraordinaire hailing from New York City. What you may not know about this man is that despite the growth and impact he wants to continue to make on this industry, he’s already won a Grammy Award. Pretty darn impressive! And he’s not stopping there by any means. Join us as we take a deeper dive into the world of CID. Raver Magazine: So you’ve got a new track out that we love called “Believer” with Ceelo Green. Whose idea was it to turn the video into a cartoon?   CID: We were tossing around a few ideas and the song is very upbeat and positive so that was one of the themes that my team and the Big Beat team had. We just went with it and it ended up being such a cool process going back and forth with the designers for the way the characters should look. In the end, we’re all really happy with how it came out.   Raver Magazine: What’s the history behind how this track came about?   CID: Lately I’ve been writing a lot with different songwriters. This track, though, was one that the record label showed me. Originally, it was not a house record at all and I took it and put a soulful house spin on it. We worked with it for a while and now it’s an awesome experience to finally see it come out and see peoples’ reactions to it.     Raver Magazine: We see you’ve been traveling a lot lately and just got back from Europe. How has life on the road been treating you?   CID: It was an awesome experience! I’ve been fortunate to have become great friends with the group at one of the best clubs in Barcelona, so the last couple of years they have brought me out. My family lives in Spain, so this year I was able to connect with them a lot. The show in Alicante stood out the most. It’s out on the water with a big open stage. I ended up playing four hours and that’s the great part about Europe, especially Spain, that you can just keep playing. There’s no curfew and in that sense, I think that Europe was a great experience to be able to play there.     Raver Magazine: From Spain to New York City – your current hometown crowd – how was it playing in front of them at Electric Zoo?   CID: Oh it was crazy! Electric Zoo was the first festival I ever went to as a fan back in 2010 and I just remember really enjoying it so much. To be able to experience it now as an artist is really special. I remember looking back a couple of months ago at some pictures of mine and found a selfie of myself with the stage behind me. I zoomed in and it was Kaskade playing. It all came full circle that back then I didn’t know him at all and to see the progression up to today is just awesome.     Raver Magazine: You’re working with so many talented artists these days. If you had to pick one for a future project, who would it be?   CID: Kaskade has just shown me so much love – I would really love to do something else with him. My next single is actually going out on Don Diablo’s label, Hexagon, which I’m really excited about. We’ve started working with a couple of ideas that hopefully we’ll be able to put out to the fans soon. Raver Magazine: You’re a Grammy Award winner [for production with Cedric Gervais’ remix of “Summertime Sadness”]. What’s next to tackle in this industry? What are you pursuing in life?   CID: I use my success as benchmarks for my progress. This year I played the 2pm set time on Main Stage at Electric Zoo. Next year I’m hoping for a set time later in the day. I really want to start building as an artist with the fans, put out a lot more music, really grow and be able to sell out my own shows. That’s where I want to go.   ]]>