Insomniac Cares. In an unprecedented manner Insomniac is doing what most organizations don’t have the courage to do. In my opinion they are at the forefront of a global effort to help those who need it most. With a solid focus on delivering the most to nonprofit organizations they focus heavily in Arts and Education, Health and Well Being, and Environmental Sustainability. The initiative that began in 2011 has already managed to work with 30 different local and national nonprofit organizations, which to date has donated over 1.1 million dollars. In 2016 the EDC Week Charity Auction raised over 119,000 dollars. The monies were donated to The Shade Tree, a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the lives of women, children and their pets affected by domestic violence. Learn more about Insomniac Cares, the EDC Week Charity Auction and The Shade Tree below: Find it in your heart to make a difference. Stand tall above the glue that snares the crowd. Up here is doesn’t only feel safe and right, it is safe and right. In Closing, Insomniac allocates $1 per ticket transaction and $10 per guest list attendee to raise funds for worthwhile nonprofit organizations. They are making a change that I know all of us can make. I challenge everyone to make a difference in a world that all of us love dearly. If you would like to submit a charitable organization, please email [email protected]. Remember, we all share in the same affinity, “Our Love of Music.” Michael Beas Founder and CEO Raver Magazine]]]]> ]]>