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Jeffrey Garrovillo is a man of many talents. In his life, he has had many careers, and most recently, he is featured in the 2021 Chippendales “All-Star” calendar, and he serves as a personal trainer for Envy Training. He chatted with Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors.

Garrovillo is gracing the 2021 Chippendales “All-Star” calendar as the model for the month of July. He also received the most fan votes (out of 250,000 total votes that were cast). “I don’t know how that happened, but I am grateful,” he said. “It’s an honor to be among some of those guys since some of them are actual legends. It’s a very cool concept.”

He praised fellow Chippendales cast-mate Billy Jeffrey, who received the second-highest number of votes, for being a “good dude.”

Garrovillo, who is NASM certified, opened up about being a personal trainer for Envy Training. “It’s going good,” he said. “It’s something I wanted to do for years. The owner, Teresa Van, is really easy to work with. I’ve always liked  coaching. It’s a family-owned gym and it has a great vibe.”

On life during the quarantine, he said, “I recently got married, and my wife Emma is great. We both have a very similar outlook on life. She is very lighthearted as I am, so through this whole quarantine, our coping mechanism has been laughter. I do miss routines and being busy though, but overall, I spent my first year of marriage in quarantine and it has been fine.”

He acknowledged that it has been the adverse moments in life that helped define him. “All of the defining moments of my character have come from those difficult times. I’ve reinvented myself countless times. I was a radio DJ for 20 years, I was DJing in clubs and being on the radio, and then I fell into Chippendales, and after that, I was managing a bar and a restaurant, and suddenly from that I am a rescue diver at a Cirque du Soleil show, and now I am a personal trainer at Envy Training,” he said.

Jeffrey Garrovillo, Photo by Gabriel Goldberg

For young and aspiring performers and personal trainers, he encouraged them to be authentic. “Stick to your values and stick to your character. Make sure your values reflect you inside and what you truly stand by,” he said.

Looking back in a rear-view mirror over the last 10 years, he noted that he sees a lot of “realization.” “These last 10 years, I got to experience a lot of different cultures and different people with Chippendales. How those people view us was a big eye-opener to me. The last five years, I have found a place of happiness. The culmination of the past 10 years was the fact that I found actual happiness,” he said.

During the quarantine, he shared that he bought a guitar to hone his guitar skills, and he took on cleaning. “I’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar and that lasted a month,” he said. “I love music. I’ve played drums, piano, and saxophone. I know instruments but that was a tough one to pick up, and now the guitar is just sitting there collecting dust.”

“Also, I took my cleaning hobby to the next level,” he added.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, “Rebuild.” “With everything, rebuilding structure and routine are important,” he said. “My spirits are intact, so I don’t need to rebuild those, but my structure in life needs a bit work.”

If he were to do any track and field, he revealed he would do the 4×400 meter relay race. “I am a fast guy, but I’m not for a sprint. I’m a tall dude (6 foot 1 inch), so I would go with the relay,” he explained.

He listed the freestyle as his personal favorite stroke in swimming. “Freestyle is the one I use the most,” he said. “It’s the most natural one, and the easiest for us.”

Garrovillo defined the word success as “happiness within yourself.” “Success is never finances or experience to me. Money comes and goes in all the different realms, but ultimately, happiness within myself has always been success,” he said.

For his fans and supporters, he extended a “huge thank you.” “Thank you for sticking with me and being patient. The All-Star calendar was a testament to that since it was all by voting,” he said. “Also, a big shout out to my mother-in-law in Australia for voting for me. Shout out to the Chippendales road crew and our stage manager, TC. I couldn’t have done half the things I’ve done without the support of friends, so a big thanks to all of those people.”

The 2021 “Chippendales” All-Star calendar is available by clicking here.

Photo by Gabriel Goldberg

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