Mozart of The Chippendales

On March 7, Chippendales performer Mozart chatted via phone with Senior Editor Markos Papadatos prior to their show at Gramercy Theatre in New York City, as part of their 2020 “Get Naughty” World Tour.

On playing Gramercy Theatre, he said, “It is very exciting. It’s a sold-out show and I am looking forward to it. It’s a sold-out show. I like it because it’s always packed, loud and very intimate. That way, the crowd is closer.”

Most recently, The Chippendales performed at The Paramount in Huntington, and that show earned a glowing review from Raver Magazine, which was hailed as a “celebration of life.” “Playing The Paramount was absolutely beautiful. I grew up in the area next to it. I played music in that area and I knew a lot of the people in the crowd. It was pretty exciting. The Paramount stage was the first stage I’ve seen a concert in. It was cool to play there again,” he said.

This marks Mozart’s fifth year with the touring production of The Chippendales. “This tour is cool. Every year, it’s a little bit different,” he admitted. “This tour is made up of a good group and it feels like a little family. The guys are amazing and very talented.”

“Sharing the stage with the musicians is really fun such as Teddy Z. We have so much fun before we do the show: during soundchecks and during rehearsals because we are musicians. We just have fun with it,” he said.

Teddy Z and Mozart performed Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” from the feature film “A Star is Born,” and it was well-received on Thursday night at The Paramount on Long Island. “We started with ‘Shallow’ to see how it goes, and the response has been incredible so far,” he expressed.

Over the years, he admitted that he has had many “profound” moments with The Chippendales. “We have been seeing many different countries with The Chippendales, and I’ve had some great moments with The Chippendales on stage,” he said.

“Honestly, knowing that I’ve been to more than 50 countries, and remembering that I’ve walked all these grounds, for thousands of people each day all over the world is really fulfilling,” Mozart elaborated.

A poignant moment that resonated with this journalist was when The Chippendales performers took a woman that was a cancer survivor on stage with them at The Paramount, and they danced with her and lifted her spirits up. “That is very special since each year we go to Europe, at some point we all wear pink cufflink colors to support and raise awareness for breast cancer. It’s very important for us since we perform for many ladies,” he said.

“We understand all that since we all have women in our families that have been touched by breast cancer in one way or another,” he said. “We always want to make the atmosphere delightful and joyful for them, and we want them to have fun.”

Speaking of important women, Mozart paid tribute to his own mother via a post on Instagram, where he dubbed her as his first teacher, first unconditional love and hailed her and his “OM,” which means “Atman” (soul, self within) in his native language. “I love you, mama. Here’s to many years ahead of us to share this experience of life. Thank you for being my OM I could never ask for another,” he expressed via a social media post. “I am very close to my mother. She raised me my whole life. She is my first teacher and my best friend,” he said.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Mozart responded, “Movements and Balance.” “Movements go in all directions,” he said. “Balance makes you prepare for indirection.”

Looking back over the last five years with The Chippendales, Mozart acknowledged that he sees a “fast-forward of a very long life in shorts amount of time.” These experiences include travels and meeting the wonderful people that he has met while out on the road. “You get to exchange energy with thousands of people on stage, and you have to transcend the energy back with performance, charisma, and art. The last five years have been such a beautiful experience and they feel like a lifetime,” he explained.

Aside from being a performer of The Chippendales, Mozart is also a musician, and he listed James Hetfield, the co-founder, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and principal songwriter of Metallica as a major musical influence. “James Hetfield was an important idol for all aspiring rockstars,” he said.

For Chippendales fans, he said about the 2020 “Get Naughty Tour,” “Come and have a good time. Celebrate yourselves and come and get naughty. Celebrate life, and celebrate the moments that you are in, and take it back with you,” he said.

Mozart noted that for him success is not an achievement. “Success happens now, and to me, it’s happiness. If you are happy and satisfied in the moment that you are in, then you are successful,” he said.

For more information on The Chippendales and their 2020 tour dates, check out their official website and their Facebook page.

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