Spotlight Artists of the Month Can a married couple DJ together? EDM L.A. Producers The Brandenburgs on how they work through married life and DJ life as well as plans for their release of new original tracks in 2016. [Exclusive Interview] Photography and Interview by Nhan Tran Raver Mag.  There are many successful EDM duos in the world today, W&W, Cosmic Gate, Axwell and Ingrosso are prime examples, but there are not too many husband and wife duos. How does the dynamics work for you guys? The Brandenburgs We are married and that is one of the things that makes us unique. Married life definitely rolls into DJ life. Some good ways, some bad ways. The good ways are that we are both very comedic, so we have a lot of fun on stage together. The bad part is, as in all marriages, we sometimes have an argument or a disagreement. We try not to allow that to negatively affect our DJ life. We know how to balance things out and make it work. Raver Mag.  How did it all start for you guys? Who came up with the idea? The Brandenburgs Brandon came up with the idea. He started as a DJ first. I used to be by the booth and hand him records when he first started, sometimes for eight hours straight during one of his sets. I guess you can say I was his number one fan.  Around four years later I started learning on my own and made music while he was at work. I made a track and put it on Soundcloud and before I knew it I was getting bookings all over Orange County. When I booked my first gig, Brandon also wanted to play with me. We had an amazing set and the fans and people loved us. It was crazy how well we both played together. We decided to become a duo. Raver Mag.  You have started a new label called Pangea Music Group, tell us about it. The Brandenburgs This was a lifelong dream to start our own label and we felt it was time to do it so we started Pangea Music Group.  Like Pangea was one continent, we wanted to bring artists, producers, DJ’s, etc. in the industry as one.  Pangea would be a hub where these artists, producers, vocalist, DJ’s, and so on would be developed and managed. Raver Mag.  You have kids.  How involved are they with the music? Do you give them the freedom to try other things? The Brandenburgs As parents, we want them to follow their own interests, but we would love them to follow in our footsteps. Our children’s names are Braden and Jordan. Our daughter, Jordan, is 12 years old and is producing her own melodies.  Soon we will produce her first track. Raver Mag.  What’s in store for The Brandenburgs for the rest of this year regarding new music, tours, EP’s and so forth? The Brandenburgs The past two years have been amazing for us; we finished production school at Cosmic Academy and then a mentorship program with Brian Matrix of Matrix Sessions LA. We have several productions and originals that are ready to release. We have sent them out to some different labels, so look for more on those shortly. We just got the news that we will be at the Pool Party at Tao Beach Club in Las Vegas on August 7th for the California of Love Weekend.  We also have solo projects coming out as well.  Kristie will be releasing a new track under her solo name CLARRITY called “Welcome to LA” under Noize Cartel Records in the coming months and I will have solo projects collaborating with international sensation Rey Vercosa and Brian Matrix. Raver Mag. With so many things going on it is sometimes hard to push through and persevere, yet still you guys keep making music. What advice do you have for others trying to follow in your footsteps? The Brandenburgs I do this because I love it. I know that sounds a bit cliché but it’s really the truth. I enjoy being a creative person. I know that God made me to make music and to share the love of music with others so I am blessed to be able to do so. My advice is to love what you do. If you’re in it for any other reason like being cool or to party or to make money or to meet girls/guys then your are doing it for something that is not at the heart of what you are doing. There is nothing wrong with wanting those things, but the heart and passion for music has to be the core. Brandon has the same mindset but he also is more the businessman and his goal is to always give back to help others trying to make it.   Raver Mag.  Last question, which one wears the pants of the family? The Brandenburgs I guess we both do. I think I do and he thinks he does.! The short answer is that we both do to our own degree. It can be a challenge sometimes, but it works out in the end. Get Social: [email protected]  ]]]]> ]]>