Michael Beas catches up with DJ / Producer Matt Nash on his debut album ‘Half Human’.

To say the least I have to say that ‘Half Human’ is one of the best albums that we have heard in 2021. With so many albums being released in 2021 it is hard to pick one over the other, the originality of ‘Half Human’ sets it apart from all the rest. The 12-track album blends a unique mixture between the organic style of Nash’s signature brass-led sound, and futuristic electronic production, the album serves as an ode to modern life, with more of us connected via technology than ever before. Embracing our lives between social media and the digital revolution and the things which make us human, such as the euphoria of music, ‘Half Human’ is made up of a variety of vocal-led tracks. I had a chance to interview Matt Nash on ‘Half Human’ and the inspiration behind its development. This is what he shared up with us. 

Every track has a story, evert album has a story without getting into the specifics of each track what it the overall story behind your new album ‘Half Human’? How did it come into existence, what was the inspiration behind it and what is one common theme that the fans can take away from your new album?

Well it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. I really had the time and creative space during the pandemic to explore sounds that were not exclusive to the club or festival, but to really focus on melodies and just get lost in the process. What you hear now is the end result of all that, this blend between the futuristic and electronic style, and that organic style which I’ve developed over the years!


More specifically now our new album ‘Half Human’ has a lot of vocal-led tracks, my question is which one of the vocal-led tracks is your personal favorite and why does it resonate with you the most? 
It’s hard to pick a favourite because they’re all so special to me. Obviously you have quite a few on there like ‘You’re Not Alone’, ‘Now or Never’ and ‘Lose It All’, which have all been doing amazingly well with the streaming numbers etc, but honestly my personal favourite is probably ‘Human’ as its I wrote and sung the vocal myself, it has a special place for me, but I really do love them all and I’m so proud of how the album sounds!

Now that the album is out and about talk to us about touring. We know that with Covid touring can be a challenge, but it can also be a positive. Are you planning on touring and if so where can fans come to hear some Matt Nash music?
Touring is still a tricky one because each country has different rules and regulations so I feel like its still quite slow.I’ve been lucky enough to play Creamfields, Liverpool and 3 events at ADE including the Half Human release party. Sadly shows are the last thing to resurface after a pandemic but im feeling positive and hoping we see more events happening in 2022. 

On the same subject of touring if you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I think my dream shows would be either EDC is Las Vegas or Ultra Miami. Those are definitely on my bucket list!

So many people from all walks of life follow your music. My personal reason for following your sound is because it gives off an inspirational vibe, an almost artistic element that not many producers have. My question is how do you get into the right head space when you make music and more so what inspires your sound?
Well it’s funny you ask that, because my aim with the album was that it kind of serves as an ode to modern life really, with more of us connected via technology than ever before. In a way, we are now sort of all ‘Half Human’, because we’ve all got this half-technological side to us now, too! 

I really take pride in creating music that is full of emotions and sometimes it can be difficult to get into that headspace. Inspiration can really come from anywhere, walking the dog, watching a tv show, playing a festival can all trigger song ideas. It really is quite random.


Bonus Question: 

I saw on your social media that you just celebrate your 8 year anniversary what did you all do for fun to celebrate and how did you both meet?

We actually met at a show when I toured with a previous project and stayed in touch, it was one of those relationships that just fell into place quite effortlessly. 

We celebrated our anniversary in Ibiza this year, one of our favourite places. We hope to live there one day.

“Matt Nash also Presented this past week his New Distortion Plug-In DST which is going to be an all out game changer.” – Raver Mag. 

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