Heavily influenced by musical icon Avicii, Brazilian producer Marmii embarked on his musical career this year, following his studies at Leo Casagrande’s Music School. The promising producer created an official remix for the Brazilian singer and digital influencer João Guilherme, alongside Vitor Bueno, which was released by Sony Music earlier this year. With his sights set on the global music scene, Marmii has an array of new music on the horizon, and demonstrates his production talents with his new collaboration ‘Calling’ with fellow Brazilian artists Vitor Bueno and Jesus Luz.

Raver Magazine had a chance to catch up with Marmii for an exclusive interview to discuss ‘Calling’ and more!

Hey Marmii! Great to have you here on Raver Magazine! Where are in the world are you?

Hey! I’m glad to be here with you! I am from Bauru, Brazil.

We hear you are heavily inspired by the great Avicii. Tell us why he made such an impact on you as an artist?

Sure! I loved the way he used to write melodies and add piano on his tracks. He was a true genius.

We are loving your single ‘Calling’ with Vitor Bueno & Jesus Luz. Can you talk to us about the track?

We made this track during quarantine in Brazil. We found the piano melody really matched the vocals and created a good foundation. After a while, we had the idea do a syncopate note on the piano, especially for the second drop. The bass presets are inspired in Joel Corry’s songs, who is a great producer and DJ!

You are just starting out in the music scene. How has your experience been so far?

I’ve been producing since 2019, but my first release was in November! The experience has been great so far, especially when receiving good feedback from fellow DJs and fans. I had a goal to release my first track before I turned 30, which I did!

Do you have any upcoming gigs planned?

I might have a few gigs in my hometown!

What are your favourite clubs to play in Brazil?

At the moment, my favorite clubs are the ones in my hometown, but I hope that someday I can play at Brazil’s biggest clubs, like Laroc and Green Valley.

Do you have any upcoming tracks or collabs scheduled that you’d like to tell us about?

Sure! In the beginning of 2022 I will release a progressive house track with my friends Glazba and the guys from Creative People. Following that, I will release a track from a contest with Jetlag Music.

Do you solely produce dance music, or do you experiment with other styles of music?

I only produce dance music, but I like to test the genres inside dance music. I mean, my first release was a house remix of a trap song. Now we worked on ‘Calling’, which is close to deep house and I will release a progressive house in January. I like to produce what I am feeling at that moment, it works way easier.

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not in the studio or DJing?

When I am not at studio or DJing, I like to spend my time with friends.

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