It’s Good Vibes Only with Lucas & Steve

Exclusive Interview

By Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

Raver Mag family, meet Lucas de Wert and Steven Jansen – one part Lucas, one part Steve, all parts of that happy, good-vibes-only energy that comes from none other than the powerhouse duo of Lucas & Steve. This Dutch house music DJ and production duo took the electronic music world by storm this year releasing hit after hit with various artists. They really struck our attention in doing so, because no matter whom they worked with on any given track, one thing was sure to shine through and lift our spirits high – that much-loved Lucas & Steve euphoric sound.   The duo was formed in 2010 and joined Spinnin’ Records in 2014 where they released a number of club tracks on Spinnin’ Deep. Recently during Amsterdam Dance Event, we had the opportunity to sit and chat with the guys on their successes and what they have in store for us next. During Amsterdam Music Festival this same week, Lucas & Steve were named to the 64th spot on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list as new entries – pretty darn impressive!   Be sure to catch these two play the next time you can. We know they’re going to lift you off your feet!   Raver Magazine: You two have been so busy this past year! What’s it like working with so many talented artists?   Lucas & Steve: It’s really inspirational to work with so many different people. Of course, we have our newest collaboration with Firebeatz and we have a track coming out with Ummet [Ozcan] in December. It’s fun for us to work with a lot of people. They all have a different feel of how music should sound and it really gives us a lot of inspiration to develop and stretch our sound too. Raver Magazine: We loved your collaboration with Sam Feldt, “Summer On You” and we pretty much dubbed that ‘the summer of Lucas & Steve’ since we had this on repeat. Talk to us about this track and how this opened doors for you.   Lucas & Steve: That was probably the first really commercial, radio-type track we did. Before this track we scored a lot of club hits that really went sky-high on Beatport. We had then just started to get into the music industry full time and then “Summer On You” just knocked it out of the park. From there things excelled a lot more and from there we knew this was our sound and we went with it. Raver Magazine: You have a really catchy vibe to your sound. It’s a great thing to work with so many people but to still have your own unique sound be so easily recognizable.   Lucas & Steve: We hear that a lot actually. You know..that’s just our sound and we want to make sure it shines whether we are making a more poppy track or a club song. We want that good energy, that feel-good, happy vibe.   Raver Magazine: Speaking of techniques that make a solid producer, let’s talk about your track “Feel Alive” and how you guys are somehow able to evoke so much emotion out of that track with bare minimal vocals and still maintain that Lucas & Steve vibe.   Lucas & Steve: “Feel Alive” is one of those tracks that has this melody that you could take in so many directions. You could do a super emotional ballad with it, but that’s just not our thing. So we decided to combine it with some solid beats and a sick drop. When we went to the studio with Pep & Rash to work on this track, the melody was just so on point that it was easy at that point to build up to that really powerful drop. This track did really, really good for the DJs but not so great on Spotify, but it’s not really built for Spotify. But every time we play this track, the vibe of the whole venue just goes off and we just say “wow what is happening right now?”   The funny thing is now that you mention this track with the powerful melody and the break being so emotional sounding, it has actually gotten us into a bit of trouble with our fans in the past! We tend to make a number of edits to tracks and this one we made some edits putting some vocals over the track to make it more commercial and appealing to people who don’t know the song. Doing so to this track, we got complains from our fans – “do not put vocals over that melody!” It’s really amazing – that’s the only track we have gotten messages like that from our fans on. Sometimes you just don’t need vocals to get the message of the track to really hit someone.   Raver Magazine: How are you two going to top 2017?   Lucas & Steve: Well, it’s going to be difficult to top 2017 but at the same time we have a lot of new music lined up for 2018 already. Our new track with Firebeatz [Keep Your Head Up], we have a strong feeling will be one of those records that carries on through time and will still be hot in 2018. That song is not far off something we would release but for Firebeatz it’s a bit different from their harder club-type sound. That’s what keeps it fun though. When we all went into the studio together and were discussing how the track should go, the Firebeatz guys actually had a lot of good ideas on techniques they couldn’t normally use on their own tracks but would suit a more pop-sounding track.   Raver Magazine: We can’t wait to keep dancing our way out of 2017 and through 2018 with you guys!     ]]>