– Jackal Unveils “Summer In Your Arms”
– 2nd Single from Forthcoming Endorphins EP
– Announces EP Release Parties: SF, LA, NYC
Stream “Summer In Your Arms”: HERE
Available: HERE

by Michael Beas

With summer around the corner this track by none other than the Jackal himself is going to take you to a higher place party people. I mean the lyrics are sensational and it rings home to most of us who are looking for that special someone to spend the summer with. It is moving and uplifting almost to the point that you never want summer to end, or in many regards wish that it could be an absolute endless cycle of bliss and romance EDM style.

What can be better then a feel good track from Jackal “Summer In Your Arms”? Literally, the sound, the synths, the vocals and the lyrics ring home. Don’t take it from me, listen, download, buy, stream whatever your flavor is but definitely check it out today and be transported into another planet where time doesn’t exist.  You know the place I am referring to… It is a place where space and time collide to form memories that will never be outlived. Follow Jackal and Raver Mag. into the heat of summer…. the “Summer In Your Arms” which is the second offering from Jackal’s forthcoming Endorphins EP –

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About Jackal:

Jackal is a figure like no other in electronic music. He consistently refuses any boundaries given to him — whether they be the confines of the dreary English seaside town he grew up in, or the barriers between musical genres, he continues to shine and develop his craft. Alongside his clear influences from dubstep, hip-hop and electro-house, Jackal possesses a keen ear and appreciation for everything from UK grime, garage house, and even heavy metal. A typical Jackal show (anything but typical) renders genre distinctions pointless and irrelevant, as he seamlessly fuses them all into his bass-driven sound. With his full EP set to drop on 6/6 and a full tour in the works, the time of the Jackal is truly upon us.
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