Jarvis Revitalizes Hard-Hitting Brostep Genre with Full “The Bro Code” EP, Featuring Two Brand New Tracks

Interview by Kristine Kennedy

If you haven’t heard of Brostep yet, it’s about to become part of your vocabulary courtesy of Britishproducer Jarvis and his new EP, appropriately titled “The Bro Code,” out now on Firepower Records. Featuring recently released tracks “Death Rave” and “Reborn” as well as the previously unheard “New Dimension” and “Moombruh,” Jarvis uses pulse-quickening basslines, serrating synths and unexpected melodies to create a personal style that is aggressive, distinct and dancefloor-friendly – that is, if headbanging in a mosh pit is your idea of dancing. Brostep is certainly not for the faint of heart, but Jarvis‘s legions of Bros are a special breed, abiding by his “Bro Code” and ready to assemble for their leader at any moment. Press play to listen to “The Bro Code” EP and jump on the Bro-wagon yourself!

Since the summer of 2015, Jarvis has been making waves with his dynamic, bass-driven and foot-stomping sound. Throughout his years as an artist, he’s experienced a transformation he describes as a phoenix, rising from the ashes of the sounds of old to reveal his new sonic mission: reviving the Brostep movement. Armed with the hashtag #BringBackBrostep and a list of commandments for every brostep lover to live by called the #BroCodeJarvis is amassing a loyal following of listeners just as devoted to the early-Skrillex-era music as he is. The #BroCode spans a myriad of unspoken rules between bros, touching on everything from DJ etiquette to fashion do’s and don’ts to rave rules. Open to all genders, colors, shapes, and sizes, Jarvismeans to use the #BroCode to unite the scene in these divided times, bringing people together to enjoy the universal religion that is electronic music. Keep tabs on Jarvis and the latest Brostep news and music.

We had the opportunity to learn a bit more from Jarvis on Brostep and his EP. Read on the interview below!

Raver Magazine: Talk to us about the Brostep movement and what it means to you.

Jarvis: Since i first started hearing this style of music back in around 2011 I was instantly hooked. It was jokingly named Brostep by people who mocked it but the term kind of stuck and became a useful word to google in order to find more of it. Its high energy, surprising and it keeps you constantly guessing what’s going to happen next. One minute you’re moshing to this crazy drop and the next minute some beautifully layered melodic break will just turn up out of nowhere. Back in the day it was everywhere with people like Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Nero, Knife Party, Feed Me, Zomboy etc. etc. representing but over recent years its gone off the radar. I’ve never really made a conscious effort to stay making that 2011 style but that’s just my favourite style of music and I’m still obsessed with it to this day so that’s naturally what comes out of my head. Since we started #BringBackBrostep its been incredible how many people have reached out to express the same sentiment and its so amazing to connect with all these like minded individuals!

Raver Magazine: Your new track “Reborn” is the second release from your EP “The Bro Code” and its bassline completely captivates us in an awesome way. Can you give us the story on how this EP came about?

Jarvis: Thanks! Reborn all started with that melodic section before the drop, I really don’t have much of a specific process when it comes to writing melodies as I’m not trained at all in music theory or anything like that, it sort of just came to me in a way which usually means i’m ripping something off so I had to check… But it turned out no I was thinking of something original so I stuck with it and wrote that melody and just developed the track from there. Actually I started A New Dimension in the same way by writing the melodic break, I took it in more of a trance direction though which was really fun, I had to stop myself just making a full-on trance track to be honest. Death Rave is quite old actually I was playing it all last year on tour in the US and it was going down really well as a kind of bootleg to another track, so this year I took out the drop and developed it into its own original track. Moombruh started as this crazy weird drop I made while I was just messing around with this huge screechy noisy synth patch I’d made and for some reason it just sounded sick at 105bpm. Even as I was making it I was pretty convinced that nobody would ever sign it but it was so much fun that I just carried on anyway and luckily for me the awesome people at Firepower Records were down to include it on the EP!

Raver Magazine: Who is your musical inspiration?

Jarvis: My musical inspiration comes from all over the place to be honest, specific artists would be Skrillex, The Prodigy, System Of A Down, Linkin Park, Deadmau5 – I could go on and on!

Raver Magazine: What can we expect from you in the future? Any projects you can give us a teaser on?

Jarvis: I’m sitting on a ton of new music at the moment including a pretty high profile remix which I can’t say anything about at this point. But yeah I basically have another EP’s worth of original tracks ready to go and a few more as well which I’m still tweaking. We’re planning next releases now so there will be more info in the near future. I’d love to get back out on the road again too, I was out in the US last year and the response was just amazing, I’m talking to a lot of US based fans on my socials who’re asking when I’ll be back so hopefully I can get back out before too long as well!

Raver Magazine Bonus Question: If you could spend a day with anybody, living or not, who would it be and why?

Jarvis: Honestly if I could spend the day with anyone I think it would have to be Skrillex just in the hope that some of that genius would fall off of him and land on me I guess. He’s the one who started all of this and without him I have no idea what I’d be doing at this moment!

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