A master of technical production and compelling compositions, Jay Robinson found his rightful home at mau5trap, and now its house-centric counterpart, hau5trap. With impressive singles under his belt such as “What You Do” with Example and “Know Yourself” with Idris Elba, as well as hit remixes for deadmau5’s “COASTED” and “Pomegranate” with The Neptunes, Jay Robinson shows no signs of slowing down in his hau5trap debut. A sweeping dancefloor anthem, “Complicated” sonically fuses oscillating basslines with techy grooves. Bustling four-on-the-floor beats carry “Complicated” from the get-go, as Dominique’s buttery smooth vocals captivate with spellbinding luster. Decorated with intricate sound design and technical melodies, “Complicated” permeates the senses with its euphoric dance-ready flair. Serving as the perfect intersection of reverberating bass and tech house synth work, Jay Robinson’s “Complicated” is hypnotic house music at its outright best.

Stream “Complicated” on all platforms here, or find it below on Spotify.