Jon Suarez kicks 2022 off with major new Electro-House single ‘Social Distortion’


    Long Island-based producer Jon Suarez has launched his 2022 with an electro-house anthem. ‘Social Distortion’ sees Suarez stepping outside of his comfort zone to create a genre-bending track, demonstrating dynamic versatility as well a willingness to take risks. 
    Befitting with the name and meaning of the track, ‘Social Distortion’ begins with a variety of deep distorted vocal samples and a heavily saturated kick. Suarez employs a mixture of on and off-beat claps, sporadic snares and percussion to carefully create a sense of disjointed chaos, making the masterful transition into a melodic chorus even more satisfying. This smooth sound slowly builds up to an emphatic climax engulfed in extended basslines and oversized synths, providing the listener with an uplifting and energetic track to motivate in the gym or dance to in a club. 


    “Social Distortion was a challenge I set for myself to expand on my sound and repertoire as a producer'” Suarez said. “Vibey house music is what I love to produce and this track is very different from that and what people have heard from me in the past. The song is really uplifting and big; it’s emotional as well. The plot behind the title, was to spotlight the social issues we face, how distorted we seem to be in the world now a days. I’m working close with my team to create an awesome music video to bring that plot and vision together. Stay tuned!”
    2021 saw the experienced DJ amass over 150k streams with only 4 releases after switching his focus from DJing to producing when the world was locked down. Despite this success with vibey house music, Suarez has shown with ‘Social Distortion’ that he will not limit himself to a particular formula. This ability to adapt will undoubtedly keep fans excited and ultimately provide the talented producer with longevity. 


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