Kaelin Ellis Drops Full-Fledge Album ‘The Funk Will Prevail’ Featuring Variety Of Genre Influences

    Kaelin Ellis is on a mission to grace the world with more of his capabilities. The Funk Will Prevail is his deepest dive into the depths of his soul, bringing forth an essence that boasts serious longevity. After several one-off releases, the 14-track album is a change of pace in all the right ways. He leaves a bit of something for everyone between all the tracks, songs like “TRIPPIN,” and “LIL BIT,” being a few favorites that truly keep the good times rolling.

    It’s no wonder Ellis is able to release something that has so much stickiness to it, he’s had credits on tracks from Lupe Fiasco, Kaytranada, Waldo, Deffie, K-pop supergroup Exo, Drex Carter and several others. This proving that he’s far from a one-hit wonder and knows where his style fits in terms of a demand he can fill.

    The album also features friends and musicians Carrtoons, The Kount, and CS Armstrong, who bring their own energy into his production, helping expand the dynamism that’s already present. If you haven’t got a hit of what Kaelin Ellis brings to the table, now is the time.

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