Keanu Silva Links With Toby Romeo and SACHA For New Single “Hopeless Heart”

    Starting 2022 off on a high note, Keanu Silva joins forces with fast-rising talents Toby Romeo and SACHA for his first offering of the year. The dance music powerhouses fuse their signature sound in a deep house leaning soundscape as the smooth vocals entice the listener. ‘Hopeless Heart’ emotionally resonates with the listener as the uplifting melody subdues the audience on the dancefloor. Out now via Virgin Records, ‘Hopeless Heart’ is available to stream across platforms.

    Known for their ability to blend emotion-provoking lyrics with dancefloor-ready melodies, Keanu Silva, Toby Romeo, and SACHA’s first collaboration proves to be worth the wait. ‘Hopeless Heart’ embodies the studio precision the producers possess while the polished vocal sample takes the track to the next level. Filled with pop and house sensibilities, the single is primed for radio domination as the catchy melody leaves a lasting impression on the listener. The vocals explore the yearning trials of finding a partner who can reciprocate love. ‘Hopeless Heart’ is bound to cross charts and be a staple in high-energy sets around the world.

    “I feel very satisfied how this collaboration led to this little piece of art. We take you on a journey through at first glance hopeless emotions but leaving you full of hope and a beautiful soundscape for your heart.” – Keanu Silva

    “I love doing new versions of old tracks, just like I did with my single “Where The Lights Are Low”. The original “Children” by Robert Miles is such a classic! There are rarely any songs that don‘t really get old and this is definitely one of them, especially now that there‘s a new version you can blast in the car, in the shower, in clubs, or festivals” – Toby Romeo

    “An incredible writer I work with, Jaro, asked if I would be interested in vocalizing a track he had written for Keanu Silva and Toby Romeo. Usually, it’s super important to me to be involved in writing all my music, but when I heard the song I felt like I needed to be a part of it! The dark melodies and production grabbed me straight away, and on top, the lyrics are super well written and the interpolation gives it a great nostalgic feel.” – SACHA

    Joining together to fuse their infectious signature sounds, Keanu Silva, Toby Romeo, and SACHA solidify their place in dance music in 2022. Serving as the first release of the year for all producers, Silva, Romeo, and SACHA maintain their unique trajectories as they continue to captivate audiences around the world.


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