“What’s in a Name;” Interview with Kill Paris By Chad Davis “What’s in a name? That which we call a Rose.” This famous line from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet speaks volumes to the sincerity of a very talented artist known as Kill Paris.   After the tragic attacks in Paris last year, the Electronic producer changed his name to “Chill Harris” to diffuse any negative stigma wrongfully-associated with his 13-year-old moniker. In our exclusive interview, he explains the name-change “was just as confusing for me as it was for my fans.” As it turns out, Chill Harris didn’t stick, and his fans are stoked to see the DJ returning to his original Kill Paris roots. RaverMag_KillParis

Exclusive Interview with Kill Paris

RaverMag: You just released a brand new track, “Junkie,” featuring Nevve & Monstre — what was it like working on that collaboration? Kill Paris: It was really fun! Nevve and I wrote the lyrics very quickly. I had an idea of what I wanted to say before we started writing, and it all just kind of came together.   RaverMag: You first created a name for yourself thirteen years ago using the well-known moniker from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, Kill Paris. What about this name spoke to you? Kill Paris: I’ve always been a bit of an outcast, or rebel, or whatever you want to call it. Romeo and Juliet’s love was a forbidden love. Forbidden because of the “social standards.” So the name “kill paris” has always represented being the weirdo, or the person who doesn’t fit in. The idea of being real and down to earth, rather than just chasing fame and other fickle pursuits.  https://soundcloud.com/killparis/junkie-feat-nevve-monstre Want More??? Catch the entire interview with Kill Paris in the November Edition of Raver Mag!

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