Klingande’s Playground is Full of Champagne, All Black Outfits and Endless Melodic House Beats

By Sophia Roca-Joseph

Cedric Steinmyller better known as Klingande, puts the magic into music. Bringing you the warmest feelings with all the tunes to bring out your moves. From his spectacular singles ‘Pumped Up’ and “Jubel’ this phenomenal artist has yet to come out with anything less than spectacular. The type of music that makes you want to do the dance moves you would only do in the shower. This French DJ and producer has some exciting and highly anticipated new music coming your way, I know it’s like an early Christmas present. If you haven’t had the chance to check him out… well all I have to say is… CHECK him OUT! Raver Mag gives this guy a whopping 5 stars. 

Go to drink? 

Definitely Champagne, only thing that won’t fuck me up too much before any shows. 

Craziest thing to happen on tour? 

One of our musicians during one of our shows got caught by the cops beforehand. We didn’t see him again until after when he was in the room. We called the cops asking where out guy is and they were like “he’s here.” HE couldn’t make the next gig because he was in jail, it was really crazy.

Any new projects you want to talk about coming up? 

At the end of the month it’s called ‘Sinner’. One more song at the end of the summer and then a new alum coming in September, it’s been a lot of work but the most fun work I could do. I really want people to connect with these songs. I’m not chasing the Top 40 songs I really want people to know who I am as an artist. I make the best music when I stay true to myself. 

Go to tour outfit? 

Al black always. Sometimes it gets really hot but it’s always my go to. 

Favorite place you have ever performed? 

Definitely Tomorrowland just because it was so overwhelming to feel that crowd and have the opportunity to play in one of the most amazing places. It feels like Disney Land. I genuinely love smaller festivals just because I get really intimate with the crowd and I can feel their energy more. 

One thing you look for in the crowd? 

OI never look for this but one thing I really get bummed out about is when you look all the way in the back and people start leaving one by one, I wish I could tell then “hey come back.” But the thing that keeps me going that I really enjoy seeing is smiles, whether your dancing or not if I can see a smile I know I’m doing something right. I love to see when my music makes people happy. 

What’s the one thing that keeps you going about music?

Honestly, I really love touring and being on the road. I like to be home but when I’m there for two days I’m already bored and feeling ready to get back on the road.

Copyright Sophia Roca-Joseph