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Laidback Luke

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February Cover Artist of the Month

XOXO Music Premiere OUT NOW!!!

  Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen known by his stage name Laidback Luke grew up in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. He was nominated for the best European DJ award from the 27th Dance Music Awards.  Working with some of the biggest names in the world of dance that include, David Guetta, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and so many more he has rapidly become an icon in the ever-changing, ever-evolving world of music. Raver Mag. had an opportunity to catch up with him on his new track premiere “XOXO” and for an exclusive interview that will be featured in the February Edition of Raver Mag.  


Raver Mag.

Your new track “XOXO” with Ralvero (Feat. Ina) just released. Personally, I love the uplifting vibe it resonates. The vocals are deep and profound with the beats taking it away to the top of the charts. That being said every track has a story, a meaning behind its creation. What’s the story behind “XOXO”? How did it all come together for you?

Laidback Luke

What you described there is exactly what hooked me into the song as well! Ina sang some of my favorite tracks of 2016! Her track with Pyrodox – ‘Never Let Me Go’ and Ralvero’s – ‘Run Wild’ were some of the best tracks we put out last year! Ralvero originally sent me the track as a demo named ‘NGFA’. I remember playing it in the studio and my wife instantly yelled from the living room: ‘What is this?!’. She’s usually super cool about my music so this made impact. I decided to jump on it and made the version a bit less dance floor, a bit more radio and that’s how XOXO came to life!


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Raver Mag.

2017 is in full force. What plans do you have in store for both your existing fans and new fans this year? Any plans for Miami Music Week that you would like to share with everyone?

Laidback Luke

– We’re back in Miami in full force! I’m very proud to be back at Ultra again. I’m also back with my Super You&Me party and also the Mixmash Poolparty which has now moved to Nikki Beach, a bigger venue! I’ll be playing my new single, the track after XOXO, at full force by then. It’s the perfect summer track! I’ll have a lot of poppy stuff coming out this year, but I won’t forget the dance floor. I’ll be releasing some proper bangers in the meantime as well.

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