A staple in the Colorado electronic music scene, Late Night Radio creates music for those in search of an honest sound. Surveying a lengthy spectrum of genres and golden eras, Late Night Radio is the culmination of his influences which include legends like The Beatles, The Doors, DJ Screw, and UGK. Having collaborated alongside SunSquabi, Break Science, and Manic Focus, Late Night Radio is an integral facet of the future-funk wave that quickly spread from Colorado to both U.S. coasts. After some time off, Late Night Radio returns groovier than ever with the unveiling of “Dry Land,” the lead single to his forthcoming Further Into The Night album which is an extension of his Far Into The Night EP. This syrupy cut is embellished with funk and swing, moving its listeners to dance and embrace the formidable various sounds he synthesizes. An easy listen layered with an easy-going flow, “Dry Land” is already a touchstone release for Late Night Radio.

“On Further Into The Night the production is really a culmination of years of trying different stuff out. Combining sampling, digital and analog synths, recording some amazing musicians including Recess and Brisco Jones, and chopping the hell out of everything I feel like the end result is a very emotionally driven soulful banging album.” – Late Night Radio