Sue Phillips is one of the leading fragrance experts in the country. Her knowledge on fragrances have helped countless people regain their loss of smell due to Covid-19. With music events and festivals going on all over the world I thought it would be important to interview Sue and get her thoughts on fragrances.

You heard me right, there is actually a fragrance that can help you regain the loss of smell. This is what Sue shared up with me in an exclusive interview:

Talk to us about the pandemic and how you were inspired to come up with a fragrance that enhances your sense of smell?

As a single, woman-owned entrepreneurial custom fragrance business owner, March 2020 saw the corporate, teambuilding and in-person events (which were the lifeblood of my business) screech to a halt! Ever the Entrepreneur, I was undaunted, and thought it would be a good time to write my book, and as a self-proclaimed Scentrepreneur* I put pen to paper and started work on my first book, which I named “The Power of Perfume” – How to Choose it, Wear it and Enjoy it”!

An ironic and breakthrough moment occurred when NBC TV wanted to do an interview and profile of my new book “The Power of Perfume” and inquired if I had a way of helping Covid “longhaulers” rediscover their Sense of Smell? I said I wasn’t sure, but I would try, and they brought in a woman who was desperate to regain her sense of smell, as she had suffered from anosmia for almost 13 months, and by taking her on a ‘scent-healing’ journey, she was able to smell something, and she said: “I smellsomething, and it is beautiful”. The interview was aired and suddenly so many other ‘longhaulers’ contacted us to help them, and Inside Edition, New York Post, AmNY, Reuters, NBC TV Chicago, as well as Good Morning America, Voice of America, and news stations around the world have all profiled different stories of people who have been helped. It has been so emotional to see people rediscover their sense of smell, and a joy to have helped people realize how important our Olfactory sense is. Everyone has told me that they never paid attention to it before, and now are so thrilled that they are able to smell again.

You were recently featured on a Billboard in Times Square, which is very exciting. What was the experience like and why were you awarded such an amazing honor?

As a result of my book and the publicity, I was nominated to be a member of an ‘invitation-only’ organization who featured me in their magazine and invited to be on the Billboard in Times Square. It was really quite magical and soooo exciting to see a big picture of me with my name and the award as Top Fragrance & Marketer of the Year.

Everyone is wearing your fragrances, talk to us a little about the celebrities that are endorsing your product and what does that mean to you as an Entrepreneur and business owner?

I have been in the Fragrance industry for many years and created Fragrance brands for iconic companies. Tiffany, Burberry, Avon, Lancôme, Lancaster.

When the economy crashed in 2008, the fragrance industry was saturated with Designer and Celebrity fragrances and a backlash ensued. So, ever the entrepreneur, I established a custom perfume initiative and people laughed and asked: “What are you doing, Tupperware parties for

Perfume?” Shortly thereafter, I opened the first Custom Perfume studio in Tribeca, New York, which I called The Scentarium, and created Custom Fragrances for fragrance lovers. A-list celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Zendaya, Susan Sarandon, Laurence Fishbourne and many others contacted me to create their Custom Scents. I literally have created thousands of fragrances and The Scentarium was written up as the most popular destination for all aspects of fragrance.

page2image39032832In March 2020, due to the pandemic, The Scentarium closed due to Covid, and I had to reinvent myself yet again. Now, as a self-proclaimed Scentrepeneur® and the founder of my own global company, Scenterprises Inc, and a sought-after speaker at many industry events, I know that everyone’s life can be beautifully enhanced through a personalized scent. Hence, Sue’s Bespoke Fragrances – where scent lovers customize a fragrance as unique as themselves.


After being interviewed and featured all over the world, what is the one common message that you hope people will take away from not just using your product but also in applying it in their day-to-day lives?

Our most POWERFUL Sense is our Sense of Smell, and no one really thinks about it.,
Who would have thought that something as beautiful as a fragrance could beat something as nasty as Covid?” And never has it been more apparent as to just how POWERFUL our Sense of Smell is until COVID struck!

While I know you can’t give away all of the ingredients in your secret fragrance formulas, but can you share some information on what goes into some of your fragrances so that those new to your product line can envision themselves purchasing one for themselves?

I truly believe that formulating perfumes with the finest quality ingredients is the most important aspect of my perfumes. I always compare wine and champagne to perfumes. Cheap and inexpensive wines and champagne will give one headaches because of the sulfates and inferior ingredients….but fine quality champagnes and wine will never give headaches or allergies. I have created 18 different perfume ‘blends’ – each of them a beautiful perfume which can be worn alone, or combined to create a unique custom fragrance perfume – ideal for men and women. The best part is when the wearer receives a compliment on the fragrance, and are asked “what are you wearing?” the answer is “Its Mine!”

Bonus Question
What is one thing that you enjoy doing for fun while living in NYC?

I love going to theatre, galleries and museums but of course this has been very challenging over the last 18 months. I am involved in a theatre/playreading group and we meet every week on Zoom when we are cast in short plays. It is an excellent way of continuing to fuel my passion for theatre and the arts!

In closing: 

We are thrilled to be able to use and try Sue’s products. If you are visiting the NYC area stop in to her perfume boutique and pick up a bottle and if you aren’t in the area but want to get one of her fragrances visit You can also purchase her Latest Book where a percentage of sales supports Alzheimer’s Association. She is truly a remarkable person that I have personally gotten to know over the past few months and I know that her products will elevate you. She has our full support  at Raver Magazine

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