Lebanese-born Canadian Artist Seelo Captures Moments of Change with New Single “Autumn” with George Gleeson. Out Now on Enhanced Recordings

    Hailing from Canada by way of Lebanon, up-and-comer Seelo releases his emotive and melodic progressive gem “Autumn” on Enhanced Recordings, featuring soulful vocals from multi-talented singer/songwriter George Gleeson, which is both deeply personal and a dancefloor-ready gem. Opening with reverberating bass underneath undulating melodies, Seelo sets a thoughtful and ethereal vibe from the beginning, one that reflects the current transition period of his life. “Autumn” will resonate both emotionally and sonically with many listeners; press play and let it carry you through whatever journey you’re currently on. It follows Seelo‘s singles “Illuminate” and “Distend” from earlier this year, also on Enhanced. Read on for more on the new track from the artist himself.

    The song is called ‘Autumn,’ so while I was amazed by the lyrics and vocals, George Gleeson sent us his vocals with beautiful lyrics and I instantly fell in love. The theme of this song is ‘fading away with autumn.’ This goes hand in hand with what I’m currently experiencing in my life, so the coincidence is remarkable. This song captures that moment when everything changes. Perhaps a relationship is coming to an end or you are moving to a new place. The song is about accepting change.” – Seelo

    Raised in the promised land of techno – Detroit/Windsor – the Lebanese-born Silomondo Nahal traversed borders and chartered his DJ career to AlbertaCanada. Cutting his teeth in the mid-2000s in EdmontonSeelo instantly found a home in Canada‘s North. He’s spent much of his time between the two cities of Edmonton & Calgary. With a strong team behind him, Seelo is considered a force to be reckoned with in Western Canada‘s electronic music scene. Refining his production between the genres of progressive house and bass house, Seelo has found his home with many different labels worldwide. These labels include EnhancedMix FeedBrasliveDeadbeatsConfessionSmash the HouseHotbox DigitalPanthers Groove, and Total Freedom. His distinct resonating bass sound is complementary to the progressive and bass house worlds. Combining these two genres is unheralded within this industry. Using his creativity, Seelo wants to make music that resonates with people and draws out their inner joy.

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