Leondis Teams Up With Over Easy And Britt Lari For ‘Trying Too Hard

    If you are going to EDC Orlando, there’s one show that you’re not going to want to miss. Leondis has been booked to play there – hearing out his latest, “Trying Too Hard,” more curiosity builds around this solo artist and the vibe he is cultivating. “Trying Too Hard,” is in collaboration with Over Easy and Britt Lari – a team that has a clear creative chemistry between each other. The smooth piano vibes, upbeat progressions, and on point messages in the verses all come together to make an unforgettable experience.

    Leondis has been around the block when it comes to production. His remix of “High,” by The Chainsmokers is a stark example of his. The work was a success all around and surely validated his efforts to become a successful, professional musician. A pursuit that he’s more driven to work on than ever before.

    The release drops on none-other than Proximity – a solid label in it’s own right. With all this momentum on so many fronts, more and more eyes are landing on Leondis.

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