Exclusive Interview with Brohug

F*** S*** up

by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

Brohug is a Swedish trio of producers and DJs comprising of Christopher Lunde, John Dahlbäck and Niklas Lunde. The trio was previously working on their own projects, but became friends and decided to collaborate together. The result of that collaboration is one that will surely be turning heads in the music industry. They’re on a mission to cause a stir in the industry, they’re not afraid of change, and they’ve got the support and backing to continue to deliver and develop that message to fans around the world.   Raver Mag fam, be sure to catch these guys at Ultra Music Festival this year!   Raver Magazine: You guys have ventured into the electronic music community with quite a message of wanting to shake things up. Can you talk to us about this?   Brohug: We felt like a lot of the music was starting to sound the same and take on a very commercial sound. We wanted to take the sound back to what we liked to hear when we first started going out. That’s been the aim from the beginning. We really want to involve all of our fans into our music. It’s about the music – not stage-diving or anything like that. It was time to take it back where it all started – with good music. https://soundcloud.com/brohugofficial Raver Magazine: How have you guys enjoyed touring so far?   Brohug: It’s been really great. We really loved playing at Electric Zoo in New York City. In some European festivals, people go out really late but that festival had a huge crowd all day long. The crowd came right at the beginning of our set and we had great fans there.   Raver Magazine: You’re producing music that makes the fans go crazy and really let loose! One example that comes to mind was the summer hit “Paparazzi.” How did you come up with that track?   Brohug: Oh yes, that one has a lot of different influences. It has hip-hop, bass house music, house, and even a bit of a trap bass. We had so much fun making it! We had such good vibes making the track so maybe that gives us good vibes playing it and the crowd reacts to that.   Raver Magazine: We saw on your SoundCloud page that you’re “here to f*** s*** up” and that definitely caught our attention!   Brohug: [laughing] We were just so tired of everything. We just felt the need to really shake things up in the industry. We all had individual careers before this and we all felt we needed to just do us from here on out.   Raver Magazine: How did you come up with the name BROHUG? We’re imagining some sort of bromance that gives awesome hugs?   Brohug: [laughing] that would be the easy way to come up with our name! The name is actually a mix of our projects before. When we first saw it we thought, “hmm it’s a bit weird.” But we want to make a statement. This is no actual brohug – we are here to stand out and make something different. Brohugs are a nice thing and yes we are nice but we are also here to f*** s*** up in the music industry also.   Raver Magazine: So with this movement you’ve created, where do you want to see the music industry in a few years’ time?   Brohug: We want to see this industry be 100% about the music. Some festivals around the world will have the same music from beginning to end on their main stage. That is what we loved most about Electric Zoo – they had such a mixed lineup at their main stage so all of the fans could enjoy that. That is part of the movement we like to see and want to see more of. It should be a transition between all genres. People should go to a festival and be able to hear some new music. And the artists need to not be so safe and not be afraid to take risks. We would rather fans leave our shows wondering what we played rather than knowing 90% of the tracks we played.   Raver Magazine: Talk to us about some upcoming projects you guys have in the works.   Brohug: We have so many new songs coming out. It’s a bit ridiculous. When we started this project it was all about simply doing a new thing and lucky for us, people and record labels have accepted that thing, so now we are really busy continuing to create and build ourselves. We’ve got new originals, new remixes and most importantly, we’re not afraid to try new things.   ]]>