‘Light Years Away’

Exclusive Interview with Julian Jordan

Interview by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas (Photo)

New York, NY


            Raver Magazine recently had the opportunity to meet up with Julian Jordan while he was traveling through New York City on tour. This vibrant and ambitious 22 year-old Dutch DJ/producer is virtually unstoppable and it’s clear from talking to him that he strives for greatness in this industry and he’s already doing his part to give back and promote rising talent. MTV has cited him as “one to watch” and we couldn’t agree more. His drive has already helped him launch his own record label, Goldkid Records, as well as develop a clothing line. And we haven’t even mentioned the music he releases – every track has that fresh, feel good sound that guarantees you’ll be overcome with good vibes. Here’s what Julian had to tell us.   Raver Magazine: You started off in the music industry at a relatively young age. Can you talk to us about what it was like to essentially grow up during your teen years in this industry?   Julian Jordan: Growing up in this industry was strange at times. I was about 15 when I started touring. I had never experienced going out in the terms that we know it today. I wasn’t allowed in the clubs and festivals, so I didn’t have experience playing in those venues. There were a few festivals that were for all ages in my city, but I never had the experience of being a fan at these venues. Growing up and seeing the nightlife, it was sometimes pretty strange when you’re that young. Right now, it’s changing so much that it’s also possible to rave at a younger age. I like that. I like that it’s accessible for a lot of people now because I fell in love with the music at such a young age but I hadn’t had the opportunity to see the artists play whom I was a fan of. At the end though, I don’t think age really matters because as long as you’re creative and you love what you do, other people will love it as well. I never really feel young when I’m sitting next to Armin van Buuren because we speak the same about the music and maybe it keeps us all young.   Raver Magazine: What’s the coolest thing about touring? And the hardest thing?   Julian Jordan: The coolest thing is absolutely being able to meet so many different people, seeing different cultures, and also to be able to visit places all over the world you may never decide to go to for a vacation. You are able to experience amazing places you may have never seen otherwise.   The downside is actually flying! Being in a plane for so long is really tiring and sometimes depending on your schedule, you don’t get to see everything you want to see in the city you’re in at the time. Sometimes I have to sleep during the day to make sure I am prepared to play that night, and I then miss out on experiencing the city I’m in during the daylight hours. But when I am playing my sets I know this is all worth it. You’re standing behind your decks and you see the crowd going crazy and it’s all worth it – it’s the best feeling ever!   Raver Magazine: So you have a new EP out. Can you talk to us about its development?   Julian Jordan: I’m really proud of this one because I’ve always wanted to be a mentor to young kids and upcoming producers and I think it’s really important to give other people the chance as well to release their music. It’s important also because you build credibility for yourself among other artists. It’s inspiring to me and it’s great to work with rising stars in the industry. I’m going to be doing a lot more EP’s in the future.   Raver Magazine: Speaking of being proud of great tracks, can you talk to us about your new single, Light Years Away? We absolutely love it at Raver Mag.   Julian Jordan: That is great to hear and I appreciate it – thank you so much! I am so, so excited for this one. I’m really proud of this one and I can’t wait to share it with everybody. https://soundcloud.com/julianjordan/julian-jordan-x-tymen-light Raver Magazine: Who are your mentors in this industry?   Julian Jordan: Sander van Doorn is the reason why I am touring right now and also why I really love touring. I was thrown deep into this industry at a young age when I started touring so young and sometimes it was hard because you can’t really understand what you’re doing at that age. Sander van Doorn really showed me everything. We had collaboration together and he told me he wanted me to come on tour with him where I opened for him. He introduced me to the club scene, to the crowd, to everything. He has been a great, great mentor for me. I’m so thankful for him. He’s a great producer, but he is also just a really great guy overall.   Raver Magazine: We hear you are sharing your talents with the fashion industry! Fill us in on your new label with Chasin’.   Julian Jordan: It’s pretty sick because I’ve always wanted to design my own clothes that I would wear while I was playing. That was the idea that we discussed with Chasin’ – to make the clothes I would look to wear during my sets or even if I ‘m not working and just want to put on nice clothes. We wanted to make them available to anybody to wear and enjoy. Raver Magazine: We are heading to Amsterdam for Amsterdam Dance Event soon, so we will be sure to check out your clothing line while we are there! Speaking of ADE, are you excited to host your own event again this year there?   Julian Jordan: I’m really excited. Last year’s event was so amazing. We had a lot of big DJ’s come through and everyone just had a great time. It’s held on the last day of ADE so everyone is just really enjoying themselves and closing out a successful ADE.   Raver Magazine: What’s next for Julian Jordan?   Julian Jordan: I want to keep inspiring people and releasing good music and that is something I will always strive for. ]]>