CAPYAC is on a roll. After unveiling their anticipated sophomore album CAPYAC FOREVER earlier this year, the two-man band is now touring the disco-infused LP from coast to coast. In tandem, the surrealist ensemble is rolling out remixes of CAPYAC FOREVER songs by artists hand-selected by CAPYAC themselves. Following a disco flip of “Losing It” by French producer Anoraak, CAPYAC is back with another remix of their infectious cut “Sanctuary.” The second remix in a rotation of many to come arrives by the way of Dutch duo Fouk. Known for mixing old-school European-inspired house sets, Fouk gives “Sanctuary” a sultry lounge house treatment. Likened to the sounds of Channel Tres, Fouk injects this CAPYAC original with sophisticated club synths and a nodding four on the floor beat. Ease into the weekend with the luxurious sounds of CAPYAC and Fouk below.