Calling us ecstatic over here at Raver Mag HQ is a bit of an understatement these days. Who’s kidding – we’re kids at 6am on Christmas morning! We’re beyond thrilled that festival life (the best life!) is making its long-awaited comeback and once again we’re able to reunite with friends we haven’t seen in what seems like ages, enjoying the music live that brings all walks of life together. Raver Mag CEO, Mike Beas, and I, while happily married, were seriously missing spending time together at festivals. Besides, it’s time our neighbors have a small break from the festival sets we were blasting from our DJ room in our home!


We’re here to tell you about a very special festival right in our very backyard in Charlotte, NC and why you need to BREAKAWAY and attend Breakaway Music Festival on October 1st and 2nd, 2021! It’s held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC, which is very accessible and close to all major highways in and around the metro area. Charlotte is a great city with many different and vibrant areas to explore which are connected by a light rail so transportation is very convenient. With Breakaway opening its doors in the afternoon hours, there is plenty of time to explore the city, visit a brewery or explore some new cuisines at a food hall in town!

I don’t even need to mention the lineup for this festival. You all know already. Okay but regardless I’m going to mention the lineup because IT’S AMAZING! With Martin Garrix (#1 DJ sorry DJmag poll and David Guetta) headlining Friday night, can you really ask for anything else? No, but Breakaway is going to give you much more anyway. Two Friends and Wax Motif? Yes please! Save a little bit of your dance shoes and your voice for Saturday, because Breakaway is delivering Lane 8 and The Chainsmokers! If you’ve ever seen The Chainsmokers close a festival night, you know what kind of party you’re in for and this is not to be missed. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing The Chainsmokers close a festival out, Breakaway has a ticket with your name on it. You are most welcome for the tip! Also not to be missed on Saturday is Gryffin, which we’re super excited about since the acoustic version of “All You Need to Know” was Mike’s and my first dance song at our wedding (cue the “aww”..I know). So while we might be slightly biased, it doesn’t change the fact that Gryffin is awesome and should not be missed. We are also really looking forward to getting to experience some new artists sets!


What else is there aside from the music at Breakaway? Carnival rides, a roller skating rink, a silent disco party, plenty of food vendors and some pretty great merch (eyeballing that tye-die hat..). Keep in mind Breakaway is all ages so the whole family can enjoy the great vibes together! Check out the 2019 recap video below!


Since we may be a little rusty and still dusting off those shuffling shoes, we’re going to remind you of a few key points to make your days at Breakaway trouble-free. If you’re bringing a bag, make sure it’s clear for the easiest security check. If you’re bringing a hydration pack, empty it out before you arrive. At Breakaway, flags are happily welcome but leave the poles at home. Full list of FAQ’s can be found here!


Leave it all behind, Charlotte, and come Breakaway with us October 1st and 2nd!