LNY TNZ Exclusive Interview 

by  Charlotte Vosbeck 


Vlaardingen, Mitchell Vreeswijk and Jan Stadhouders aka LNY TNZ are killing it with a new twist on hard hitting EDM. There is no doubt that the Dutch music scene is the number one place to look when you are in search of talent. That is no exception when it came to the doorsteps of LNY TNZ with the Dutch sound. They style is totally unique and the vibe is like none other. It is no surprise that they began to tour around the world were they performed at festivals the likes of Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, Summerfestival and Defqon and many more. LNY TNZ breaks all boundaries and with one beat at a time they are literally breaking all boundaries in the EDM genre. Their collaborations with rappers, vocalists, and DJs make their music versatile for all people to enjoy. What is your favorite thing about the new song ‘Set You Free’?  How was it working with Jantine? The favorite thing about our latest single “Set You Free” is that it is a great mix between different ingredients of different styles of music. We get our inspiration from listening to a wide variety of music. We have tried to combine some pop influences with trap, hardstyle kicks and future bass. We think this single really turned out to be something fresh and we are very lucky that the people seem to like it. We receive a lot of national and international radio support which is great. We recently also dropped a club mix of “Set You Free” which is a free download on our Soundcloud page. We think this version works better for our live sets. It is a little more rough. Go check it out now! https://soundcloud.com/lnytnz How did the two of you meet? We met at the age of 16. Mitchell was working at a local pizza delivery company, where a lot of guys from the neighborhood used to work and used to hang out. At some point it was more like a local hangout. We already knew each other because we were both born and raised in the same city and we had common friends. Because we both shared the same passion for the music we immediately hooked up and started going out to some crazy underground venues. From that moment on we knew we had to make some music together. https://youtu.be/wsMPvzdpPRs What upcoming projects can we look forward to? We are already working on our new single and we are working on a new EP with some real club bangers! We have some new merchandise coming out really soon, so keep an eye out on our social media! We are also really looking forward to our FVCK GENRES festival hosting. We will be hosting stages with a lot of cool DJ friends and live acts we love and support!   What is your favorite song the two of you have worked on? It was really great to work on the track “Techno” we did with Yellow Claw, Diplo and Waka Flocka Flame: we never really thought it would hit that hard. The cool thing that happened in this track is we brought trap, harder styles and rap all together in one track! Which we think is really awesome. Rap lovers, trap lovers and people who listen to harder styles all seem to like this track. That’s why we say: “FVCK GENRES” it’s all about the music. We are all really anti-drugs and that is why we decided to do a video against drugs.   Top 3 people you would like to take a selfie with?
  • Lo – who doesn’t want a selfie with J.Lo?!
  • Hans Zimmer – Legend!
  • Max Martin – Legend!
  After taking a break from the scene from a couple of years what was the best thing about returning? The best thing is that we came back stronger than ever! The awesome thing is that we can be creative again and that there are no limits or boundaries. The other cool thing is that we are blessed to play on the biggest stages at great festivals all over the world!   What are you looking forward to in the future of LNY TNZ? We are just looking forward to working on a lot of new projects and release a lot of new music on different labels, as well as travelling the world spreading our music on all the great festivals.   Fashion and Merch: If money was not a factor, what is the one thing you would like to have made for your fans that you would like to see them take with on their next event. Something that would remind them of you and your music? It is funny that we see a lot of fans wearing custom made shirts, hoodies, flags and totems. It’s really an honor to see this. This means the fans really love us. Maybe we should do an online poll and ask the fans what they want to have. We can try to find a fundraiser and make it happen! 😉  

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