Loco & Jam Release Melodic Techno Single “Breathe”

    Emerging imprint There Is A Light Records is proud to present their newest release, courtesy of Northern Irish techno duo Loco & Jam. The pairing are set to make their original debut via the release of new single “Breathe.” 

    ‘For “Breathe” we wanted to create something that sat in between techno and melodic. A groover with hypnotizing vocals that could be played across all genres of house and techno. For the basis of the track we wanted to reference the old Loco & Jam Sound of “A Pinch Of Spice” and “Trigger” but take it in a new direction with the lead arp which we made on the synth ‘Thor’ in Reason. The lead haunting vocals also continue on from one of our previous tracks “Dance With Me” as it’s the same voice from the same sample pack and we believe it’s a fitting follow up to our sound.” – Loco & Jam

    A minimal, melodic techno heater, “Breathe” is a no frills, dancefloor ready offering from a pairing of producers that have the talent and pedigree to be considered one of techno’s most underrated talents. The TIAL imprint is quickly establishing itself as a formidable bastion of techno talent and Loco & Jam couldn’t be a better fit. “Breathe” draws stylistic inspiration from their earlier releases, combining it with a modern, innovative twist. 

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