An ephemeral bass house hit, longstoryshort returns with guns blazing in his newest single. His “Believe” is available today, Friday, October 4.

From the onset of “Believe,” longstoryshort entrances listeners with mesmerizing vocal chops atop of budding layers of oscillating bass. Chock-full of everything we know and love about bass house, longstoryshort seemingly elevates the genre one step further with his own added flare. The UK garage and drum & bass inspired artist combines his affinity for the genres into a unique style entirely his own.

Transcending genre with each and every release, longstoryshort refuses to write the same song over and over again. Artistic death, as he refers to the concept. “A lot of this dance world, hell, the ‘subgenre’ are writing the same song 100 different ways, and that’s boring to me. There’s cliches for a reason, and they work for a reason. But a little originality would be nice. I constantly want to challenge myself by being different.”