Eyes of the Jaguar is riveting! It will take you on a musical journey that you simply will not want to leave. – Full Support from us at Raver Mag.

Los Angeles based duo Bósa is excited to announce the release of their debut EP Eyes of the Jaguar, out today. The dynamic release is the new project from veteran Los Angeles based electronic producer Stephan Jacobs and world-renowned musician Sunev Lovechild. Eyes of the Jaguar is an amalgamation of tribal house beats, lush synths, hypnotic rhythms, and melodic vocals. Across six tracks such as “Behemoth” and “The Way,” the duo takes listeners on an ethereal and spiritual journey of exotic instruments intertwined with a kaleidoscope of celestial soundscapes and danceable grooves. “Behemoth” fuses together field recordings taken in India with ancient rhythms, global flavors, mystical elements, and a myriad of organic rhythms. Eyes of the Jaguar is a mystical experience that deeply resonates with subtle beauty and primal potency. With nearly four decades of professional music experience combined, Bósa displays their mastery of music production and composition on their compelling, debut EP release.


Bósa powerfully merges together primal and refined sounds, masterfully blending methodically composed electronica with world-inspired live drums. Utilizing globally sourced field recordings from their travels as independent musicians, Bósa delivers a sound that pushes the boundaries of house music. The Bósa vibe is an unparalleled one of evocative contrast; the marriage of low driving frequencies and euphoric soundscapes, seamlessly woven together with rich ancestral percussion.

The dynamic duo consists of veteran DJ/producer Stephan Jacobs, an immensely prolific music producer with his own unique style. Stephan has shared the stage with major artists such as Pretty Lights on some of the world’s most renowned festivals such as Coachella, SnowGlobe, Lightning in a Bottle, and Austin City Limits. The other half of the duo is composed of Sunev Lovechild, a prodigal producer who adds his unique flavor as a percussionist, vocalist, and globally recognized instrumentalist. Their collaboration began years earlier as their destinies intertwined in the city of Los Angeles. The two friends found themselves performing together at festivals, nightclubs, and conscious gatherings. What began as an impromptu set with Stephan DJing and Sunev performing alongside him on live percussion soon gave way to requests for the duo to play together; thus the Bósa project was officially born. Their overall ascending style of music is one that incorporates flavors of a transglobal reservoir, made from the raw star materials of space, sculpted and transformed into songs of elation. As this new entity emerges from the creative universal melange, the intention of its trajectory is to go forth with an inclusive state of family. Bósa invites all those that seek an audible journey to a mystical realm, using music as a means for healing the spirit and celebrating through dance.


Web: http://bosavibes.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BosaVibes/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bosavibes

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bosa/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCryVAFY5KaNu5Hu6DcnlzWA

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0pY6dhWPf2mSXbajUVjCXa?si=ytDeK6IoTxqRMm4acAKlZg