‘Love Hertz’ Is An ‘EDM’ Book With A Captivating Story

    A trio of gifted people have come together to work on and release Love Hertz. From everything surrounding this book release, an interesting concoction of writing and music has all fallen under one umbrella to prop up unique content, thanks to the efforts of Aaron Mostow, Kevin Flores, and Rodolfo Tagle III. The book incorporates the aspect of comedy, sci-fi, and romance to build out something that connects with electronic music culture.

    Within the book, a main character known as Taj Das is introduced. Currently within his walk of life, he’s seeking both love and his place within the music industry. It’s a stroke of luck that he stumbles upon a mythical-type of sonic frequency, which he harnesses the power of to make perfectly crafted songs that sends him to super stardom. The story has many shifts and changes from there, taking the reader on a gripping ride that will leave them satisfied.

    Along with the book, a 6-track soundtrack has been made to celebrate the showcasing of this literature. Featuring a nice balance of talents and well-produced set of songs, the soundtrack gives a senses of balance to the overall mission here of the authors.

    Love Hertz is now available and can be purchased on Amazon here.

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